Analysis of three improved HTML5 technology from the perspective of search engine optimization

two: the more "rel" attribute

HTML5 technology allows web developers to tell how search engines on our page segmentation. Now the use of HTML5 technology will be able to improve the search engine for the header, footer, column links, menus and other web partition recognition ability. To help our site to enhance the value of content. Some new labels include:

Author: the definition of "

Footer: the label is mainly used for tail page or section of the site definition.

Alternate: define the same page but different versions of a page. Such as the different language versions of the page area.


yesterday once again using HTML5 technology to design the search page LOGO, this LOGO is a can let us play different notes and can record and play the synthesizer. This allows us to experience HTML5 technology powerful interactive WEB experience Google again. The technology of HTML5 in Wen is just a user interaction with the function? In fact, we stand in the search engine optimization perspective HTML5 technology, it can be found that many HTML5 functions are more search engine friendly. Whether as a developer or Shanghai dragon Er, we all need to understand HTML5 technology starting today, preparing for tomorrow’s WEB. The author will briefly share improved three point HTML5 technology.


property we often want to use "rel" to define some contents in the design of our site. For example, we often use rel=" nofollow" to define some related links with our site. In HTML5, the function has been expanded. New descriptive sentences will be able to better tell the search engines every detail of our page links. It is several included example:

Section: the keyword recognition using the label search engine will be able to better our content in. This is not only helpful for the site, at the same time can help reduce disturb Shanghai dragon spam for searchers "".

Article: this new label will replace the article using div tags define the content of the original area. The use of this label will enable recognition search engine better our main page valuable contents.

: a more new label

Header: the label is the main user defined site page or section head. This label extends the traditional H1, H2, H3 has the advantage, can contain logo site, links, and other information in the title tag.

Nav: the label is mainly used to define the site page or section navigation.

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