Comprehensive diagnosis for the healthy development of Web site quality escort

of the website code and I check on the website of the column and the content of the examination, the key inspection is mainly to check the relevance, now there are many free templates on the Internet, and these templates have many bugs, such as web site map is not complete, shielding search engine spiders wait, so we need to make programs and the content of the site inspection, check the time to ensure that each column can appear more than 2 articles on the home page, website and content distribution is reasonable, clear structure at analysys.

my second step is to check the diagnosis Website Web site title, keywords, description is wrong, this step is to remove the excess check to repeat the word, because I found that in the process of doing stand, when the love of Shanghai included, if your website title is: your website, my website and his website, when people search and display such words, and if you is the title of your website, I can still, his, the two word web search out when people search my website, so I deleted the redundancy and duplication in the word of the title of the inspection is to check the main keywords words, I deleted a few words, the words of the site are concentrated in 4 words, to strengthen the intensity of key words.

The first step is the

website and content after the rest of the column is to check the external resources, such as a web site chain if there is K phenomenon, which I used every day to check, the main external inspection is to inspect the space of outside the site, check the hardware resources are in place, is perfect "

After the Check the

Before the

I site diagnosis quality diagnosis website HTML code, we all know that search engine spiders crawling to read the HTML code, from direct marketing, the readability of the HTML code directly affects the friendly search engine on the web, so the first step is to look at me the website source code, to analyze whether the website source code with the wrong place, whether there is, if there is no nested code written, this step I will find out 8 wrong, then I 11 were correct, perhaps included me from the site have been strengthened.

website never analysis website within, thought that as long as they built the site every day to update the article and the construction of the chain effectively on the line, just before March 20th I think so, I have 3 web site, but the site’s ranking is not high, until March 20th, I have got a is the site of the station, he told me to do stand experience, finally he reminded me: your site of high quality? Your website code is correct? Is this sentence changed the way I do, so 10 days later today, I suddenly leap in the website Shanghai love home, to tell the truth I am grateful for his reminder today to share with you my comprehensive diagnosis website, development escort to more sites.

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