Analysis of the different needs of the soft station outside the station of Shanghai Dragon


1, can flow into

we all know, website optimization, whether you are layout keywords, or to consider the user experience, you will have to consider the article. Of course, some of the station outside Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the same, this need not be greater than the station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization required less. Today we talk about the main difference and contrast knowledge in Shanghai Longfeng station outside the station and the.

rejection causes a commonplace talk of an old scholar Effect of

in the station released some articles, mainly for our company, such information has been released, will be conducive to our company image and products promotion.

is 1, can enrich website content, increase the number of web pages. The user also increases the readability, the content more users can reduce the bounce rate.

three and the station and station of the article:

page views!3,

4, increase the site within the chain has driven ZhengZhan within the chain, to enhance the weight of keywords page using anchor text links within the (homepage in general) to increase the weight, service as the core of the web site keywords ranking.

high enough words, you can directly use the soft text for keywords ranking, this test we also do more than once, the effect is very remarkable, such related soft not only can be directly to bring traffic into, also can give the site keywords ranking bring inestimable effect.

, a station in

4, promote the company image and product

Comparing the contents of

: to

2, increase the web page is to obtain more accurate matching of long tail words, get more traffic with the popular long tail words, let more people through the search engine to visit your site, make your site overall weight increase, but also increase the site within the chain, so as to enhance the user’s

2, can increase the quality of the chain

we published in your blog article, but there are also many high weight writing community and column can bring the chain weight good site.

3, help

can increase the search engine spiders to crawl the site content of interest, improve included. Because the "spider" love is new content, often to update the web site, to please the spider, page content to crawl, crawl the page increases the search engine on the web included. Increase your trust in the search engine. Can also speed up the snapshot update.

two, the station

No mention of the chain with keyword rankingIf the quality of soft

this is very easy to understand, we insert links as long as appropriate in our published soft, can realize the flow of import. Among them, we believe that the high quality of soft Wen is the premise of the flow.

The difference between

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