Grey Thursday many stations are Baidu uprooted

we do stand, the most afraid of things is by the K station, Qingdao Shanghai dragon has experienced several times of 2 station experience, but have been restored, one of the longest standing recovery period remember in three months, three months, is to test the webmaster of patience and perseverance, but this time, the hands of the station without problem. The K station, we also have discussion and speculation, is not Baidu server and the problem, since entering in June and July, Baidu will continue to onset, really make people puzzled. There is also speculation that this is not all of the station was K, is not a single station by K, perhaps Baidu algorithm also adjusted or deliberately K. What specific reason K station, nobody knows, only Baidu understand.

on the K station, some people choose to give up, some people choose to work harder, K station is not accidental, is the main cause of K website is nothing more than a few, is a web site space is not stable, often not open; two is not always check Links, or be punished by some chain website involvement; the three is the lack of site quality content, the lack of the chain; four is to optimize the amplitude is too large, or often go to Baidu Post Bar, know chain were reported, resulting Baidu K you directly. Two K station at Qingdao Shanghai Longfeng experience, once offended the Baidu, a lot of know to stay outside the chain in Baidu, the result is K, another is the website space for three times a week to open K, so any one as long as the problem, are likely to the station was K, like two days before we discuss the rain and for a long time the site was K, K is the main reason is that they are annoyed Baidu, belong to Baidu deliberately and to.


grey Thursday, Baidu gray, if your station is really hard to do, the result is K, then the Qingdao Shanghai dragon suggest that you do not give up, do to do a good job, is estimated in the short term will soon resume included, and if you’re the dumpster, acquisition station and so on, suggest you don’t give up, it does not pay, the delay time, recovery time can make a come up. The sunglasses brand ranked 贵族宝贝57air贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you.

as a webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er are such a habit, every day is to open the computer to see whether the website ranking up or down is not included, more or less, Links whether there is death, almost every day. This morning Links inspection found three sites by K, and then immediately withdraw the chain, to avoid being hurt. Later on QQ to see people are discussing it in the group, Shanghai dragon why many owners complain that their station was K, some owners once K several, ah, it is a grey day, Baidu in the end what to play

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