Three years the webmaster road wrong in not insist265 Skype registration is divided into promotiona

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05 years before October 1st in the evening, the company collective party, going to the hotel reservation, always call 114 inquires know hotel phone is very troublesome. I was on the whim, want to establish a 114 kind of information website, Xinxiang Hotel contacts are posted up, so that you query it more convenient. Want to do, make use of eleven long vacation,

because it is amateur time to do, continued fatigue, 07 years later, the site can not keep up with updates, mainly busy work, not much time to consider. With the advent of video sites, the number of people watching movies is getting smaller and smaller, and there is a great decline in the amount of traffic on the site, and I find that classified information and forums are the main columns for local users

hotel in Xinxiang to collect the whole contact list, and then buy a server, registered the domain name, speaking of the name, really let me take great pains, think a full 5 days, because 0373 is the area code for Xinxiang, began around 0373 to name, almost good names have been registered, the thought of fifth days to find has not been registered, the registration fee quickly. This way has now registered on the website, because it is convenient in Xinxiang life, had a life in Xinxiang.

belated development,

One day

When the

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
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was born Xinxiang life network

if you have any questions, please contact customer service :331362639 or submit online question and answer management". We will be happy to answer your questions!

        according to the purpose of Skype’s latest promotion, to increase the number of active users. Therefore, the price system from November 1st to adjust:
the new price system includes 3 parts:
1, the number of registered users and active users are divided into />2,
4, active users;

site was first built, the content was simple. It was the way the merchant contacted. What no other content, because around the dinner guest more, often tell them, let them landing, the website also in my circle of friends began to spread, there are about 80 IP traffic every day, slowly friends advised me to get some movie entertainment, or nothing to see the. Then there is the visual garden, my server is small, the movie resources are not realistic, I have collected on the Internet for free, no card movie website, made a connection, was to catch up with the major site of film charge, free movies are hard to find, I often go to movies related websites and forums or Post Bar to publicity, visual garden, did not expect to bring a lot of traffic to me, 3000IP has to do more than one day, when my flow is quite satisfactory, but have not done the League to make money, ah, did not understand what is the union of all ah, maybe just interested in it, in addition to the friends do not have to do too much publicity, publicity, website operation to 06 years in October a holiday, I put the site to do a comprehensive revision, enrich more content, specifically a normal portal website The contents are all inclusive, of which there are classified information and forums, and the others are information. The content of the increase, to the site of a qualitative leap, traffic has increased greatly, independent IP reached about 8000, of course, is very hard, every day around 1 p.m. before going to bed. Information to update ah, this result is affecting my normal work, often late, noisy is indispensable. Hey, let me love and have a tough life in Xinxiang.

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