see how to change the link to Shanghai before the three new rankings do love


1 and Links is

2, Alexa ranking is the key to

before a lot of Shanghai dragon friends told me that this exchange Links very difficult, or not timely platform, with the platform, also do not know the site exchange links when the need to pay attention to what the problem. Or some Adsense said for the link is not easy to do, the login background, Tianjin love conjunctions, Add URL, determine, refresh, then a handle cooperation look past, OK, please see. In fact, the problem for many webmaster or new webmaster is unknown. This time I do in Shanghai Longfeng culture is a new, Links from the start, I think this is to see a person before, never to write articles related to exchange links, just by the opportunity to have the training experience was summed up, hope this matters by this method a few days of practice of Links exchange and attention, for everyone to do a summary, of course there are omissions or good place, also please children’s opinions.

The correlation between

many people think, Alexa ranking is not much effect, Alexa for me is not considered to be a link, but I personally think that this is a very crucial factor, Alexa data more high ranking, through love can be seen is estimated to IP more.

platform first choice, I believe that over a period of time the webmaster all know, there are many ways to Links, but we take the initiative to find the link platform, for example, many webmaster nets are provided, as well as professional link platform and station through the QQ link group, or a little longer by seniority in the hands of their own resources, you can easily find the platform or the way, such as my company Jinlong logistics, a logistics company, so what when exchanging Links the need to pay attention to the problem, the following eleven inventory.

with their preferred web content related links. For example, I choose the logistics company website, and well-known or peer logistics express logistics information website tired exchange links, the first to enhance the website user experience with the industry; second link link exchange results than other industries (the good many bytestverification, undeniable); why, for I a simple example, in my company logistics station as an example, with a beauty industry website link exchange, logistics peer users see here, my heart is the first to reflect how beauty links "and browse the beauty industry website users will have the same" reflects how much the beauty of the site a logistics company website links? "" this website is not too professional, "and so on a series of questions, of course, this is from the user experience, from the perspective of search engine, Links with the industry, the website content, if the link industry too much, too scattered, is Links to transfer the weight will not be too much, then we do Links meaningful greatly reduced.

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