Grassroots Webmaster must use a calm attitude to Shanghai Dragon

said the word Shanghai Longfeng, believe that many do stand friends are not unfamiliar, change the ups and downs of Shanghai dragon, and always give us these do little more favored or lost, the mood is a beginner, do Shanghai dragon should be how to do attitude, attitude decides success or failure, do Shanghai dragon must use a calm state of mind to do, to perform. I believe you will be successful.

many, do Shanghai Longfeng practice is the mentality, competition is mentality. Who can keep calm and go to the end, who is the winner, of course, love the face of Shanghai’s problems, we still need time to solve, not panic.


love the face of Shanghai’s position, of course, is the most concern for our webmaster, ranking means the amount of search, search volume means that customers can enter our website, of course, is followed by orders and revenue. However, love Shanghai ranking change substantially, of course to the webmaster a series of abnormal situation is different from the usual. But the relative love Shanghai before every update, this update is not like before pregnant with sorrow. In addition to as few stationmaster said, love the more pro Shanghai Gang Lai online website, website was launched yesterday, this update will get good rankings. A release of rhetoric, let everyone get new, love the days in Shanghai have the advantage of the new update. Is accidental or inevitable? This time is the test time of the webmaster

this sentence is enough to let us understand, love the sea really is to strengthen the security mechanism. In the afternoon the results come out before we can make nothing of it. However, after the storm, the reason that most rankings after recovery: Thank you for your attention to love Shanghai 5.20 big update. Details of this complex to say, in short: the system has some conditions in the process of updating data, problems are discovered, there are other reasons as part of the cache is updated, will soon return to normal. The love in the future Shanghai will strengthen the corresponding safeguard mechanism, to prevent the recurrence of similar problems. I’m sorry to have caused you some misunderstanding." Shanghai love says. Just at this time the webmaster mentality and how

want to love Shanghai on May 20th is indeed an unusual day. Abnormal love Shanghai in the morning, so many webmaster mood frenzy, let many people keep calm manic up. However, what is the reason that so many webmaster so sudden mood waves? I believe everyone will know that this is the ranking, ranking, a time from home fell into the tens of thousands of pages, the fluctuation, enough to let the webmaster puzzled. But more is the so-called Shanghai dragon masters began to predict changes in the update algorithm of love Shanghai. In just a few hours, countless new love Shanghai algorithm changes were summed up, so many just enter the Shanghai dragon circles novices are admired, is really one foot in mind

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thank you for your attention to love Shanghai big update


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