Details determine success or failure count easily overlooked details in Shanghai Dragon

learn from each other!

, a graphic combination

two, the length of

said that many of my friends and I each article is out of the long section of a 500 word, that’s it? This is bad! We must do the natural Shanghai dragon, "

in my opinion, the appropriate add pictures to the user experience is. As for the specific algorithm, I dare not talk nonsense, but from one of my sites, all with a picture of the weight of the inside pages generally better than the inside pages of text, and the ranking of the best, the highest weight sub page turned out to be a dozen words, plus a lot of pictures of the article. So I personally think that the appropriate picture is a positive influence on the Shanghai dragon, and takes a picture is associated with the article, I believe the current technology for image has little ability to interpret. Also note that, in addition to the ALT label, the picture also downloaded to the local, or will be the chain of others.

picture we have of Shanghai dragon, I think everyone has their own opinions, views are not consistent. Some friends said, the search engine cannot read the picture, so there is no use; some friends said, adding the picture is good, only need to add ALT tags; of course, friends that will affect the site open speed and so on……

I was a college student in Shanghai dragon is a part-time, is for their own future with a little leverage. Learn from Shanghai dragon until now, also almost half a year, almost every global forum, of course also almost gave up Shanghai dragon, but later due to various reasons, finally returned, is in elegant. I have a global forum very bad habits, love diving, you do not learn from me, always diving out of my forum level is very low, which depressed, recently began to perk up. Today, nothing better, write your own original to everyone. Want to talk about today is about Shanghai Longfeng details, as the saying goes: details determine success or failure. The method, Shanghai dragon tutorial, within the chain chain like the article, I believe we have to see the spit, toss about so few, a lot of friends quickly by heart. I’m not here today, display slight skill before an expert, some of my own experience, some people usually may ignore the small details that might be wrong, not complete, is not good, please correct me, this is the Shanghai dragon

also has an effect on the length of Shanghai dragon, I also can not say a specific algorithm, because I do not love love Shanghai and Shanghai almost every day in the variable algorithm. However, only from the perspective of the user experience, the length of the article is certainly influential, it can also summarize the data to be reflected. In general, the article is too long will affect the user experience, it is easy to understand, I do not love to see the article is too short and a long and minute statement; it is not flattering, firstly, too short, the search engine is very difficult to find the focus of the article, then also affect the user experience.

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