Website optimization of several of our most common errors in the process

first, website optimization not urgent, have a lot of Shanghai dragon on the site early completion is eager to let the line on the website. They think only if early let website can be a little early to be included. But that is not the case, then there will be a lot of bad things come. Because each site after the completion of the construction is not perfect in every respect, but there are many problems to be faced with change, so you can meet our requirements, otherwise a new website has just completed construction on the line, so there is always this or that the flaw is not perfect. But because our website online, and loved Shanghai included words, then later found to modify the site problem, it will cause the website unstable bad impression, so the search engine will not have confidence in the site. In order to reduce the site included, has left the site.

second, the website optimization keywords improper selection. Keywords for a web site is particularly important. If you choose a suitable keywords, will bring considerable traffic to a site, otherwise only the daily waste of time to do keywords ranking, but in the end did not have any effect, or the effect is very small. So we choose the key words neither too long nor too short, not too hot and not particularly upset. If it is too hot it became special difficult to have a good result, but if it is too popular, even if the keywords ranking sit up, but can not bring traffic, so the website keywords must be suitable, appropriate.

do website optimization so long, encountered a variety of different of every hue error. The optimization site presumably you too. Also in the website optimization process will encounter such problems as or is wrong. Site optimization was a complex and tedious things. It has no fixed style and rules. Most of our website optimization is to rely on their own practice experience. It will inevitably encounter some problems, we then discuss in the website optimization process often encountered problems, from natural to work we will help guide the website optimization.

website optimization is not a jump on things, everything is not so simple. Website optimization is even more so. It has no fixed format template can refer to, it is rapidly changing and updated every day a new thing. Then the face of these in our website optimization process will encounter a lot of trouble. So we have to do is to know we often meet what kind of problems in network optimization, which is the problem we often meet, then summarize the experience and lessons, to pave the way for the future of our website optimization. Said so much in the end what website optimization problems is our most common, everyone will encounter different problems, all sorts of strange things. Then I put some of our website optimization I summed up the summary in the usual most often the most easy to make mistakes, we share the hope that help to optimize our website.

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