The important influence of the old domain in Shanghai ranked in love

a month before a company is currently Deputy Station, keywords and keywords ranking in the top three love Shanghai, many peers are asked how I was doing up here, we give a detailed description.


second, website title, the main keyword must be included in the title, in the search engine algorithm, site title can immediately affect the site in the search engine results, its importance is always is the most important.

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third, the quality of the article, I will not say, we all know. This station is the basic content through the pseudo original, the effect is immediate, included rate is 90%. It is ironic, this paragraph of time is people standing in the dark, hang up thousands of porn pages, on the same day was collected more than 700 articles, and the flow of huge increase, one day can pass pornographic keywords tens of thousands of IP, I do a few years have not done IP on tens of thousands of stations, thus, weight the level of my name.

first, you must first find an old domain name, but not just any old domain name on the line, the old domain name is best done before Education station or the government station weight of high standing, and registered as long as possible (a new domain name in the rankings will be more difficult than the old domain name to. This is because of the friendly search engine for website age), relatively high and must have certain chain. My name is a former school website, is expired domain name, when I haven’t registered using the Yahoo query of the chain can be found in the more than 100 chain, and looked at the station to the historical record, found there is this station in 2005 history, so the domain name is an absolute weight high domain name registration down after I started to do is Taobao customers, when the popular L-carnitine sealed, I also follow to do one, in fact is linked to a page is not a tube, the chain didn’t do, but it was also ranked in the second page, only the conversion rate is not high later, the company to do a website, I put the domain name dedicated it.

by the above 3 methods, I stood keyword positions in a month have achieved good results, in fact, these skills will first is more practical, because we all know that several other. Today we share here, many factors affect the ranking, I just say is I summarized some think that the most important factor, if any, hope that the exhibitions!

fourth, outside the chain of high quality, the belief that the earth people know, I do some outside the chain, but the quality is good, such as Shanghai Shanghai love love Wikipedia, know, love the Shanghai document, and some enterprise Yellow pages… Of course, it is necessary to good Links.

, thank you! This paper consists of

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