Xiao Han some views on the development of Shanghai Dragon

Construction of


5, brand marketing website

from the early practice of Shanghai dragon look mainly has the following several stages:

1, keyword stuffing, bridge page and other means can easily obtain the ranking.

for the status and situation of Shanghai dragon, we will inevitably have concerns, simply rely on search engines to eat has been more and more reliable, how are we going to seek a breakthrough and development, it has become nowadays a hot topic in the webmaster. Some friends slowly transition to master certain skills, to the whole network marketing or working on electronic commerce, but Shanghai Long Fengzhen no prospect? Is it necessary to learn Shanghai dragon? May just enter the industry friends see online related articles there will be such a problem, today I took these problems with we discuss this topic.

to the present, Shanghai Dragon into a spurt of development, the market also some confusion, the search engine, the higher the site requirements are, especially Chinese search engine leader "love Shanghai" on the website of the audit more stringent. To get good rankings have not so simple, but we have also realized that we’re going to do is the network marketing, network marketing Shanghai dragon just a high return of low cost method.

3, enrich the content and the construction of internal links, such as the introduction of the chain of home popular keywords ranking.

Shanghai dragon, a nowadays very popular words, one can change the fate of the site of words, now slowly began to spread in China, Xiao Han today want to express a bit for the development of Shanghai dragon view, share with you.

in Shanghai Longfeng development in China, has experienced several stages, starting from early 2002, the domestic have been involved in this area of Shanghai dragon, only of course may not have this name. To 03 years -05 years, the domestic SP fiery, part owners use profiteering search engine ranking technology, domestic Shanghai dragon also gradually develops, with Wang Tong as the representative of the Shanghai dragon training quickly produce. To set up 06 years of stone interaction, leading the rapid development of the domestic industry of Shanghai dragon, the four founders of Shanghai Longfeng immersed in the first line, has a very rich experience, have a profound and thorough understanding of many possible problems, in line with international standards, Shanghai dragon, with the same frequency to showcase the latest research achievements abroad in Shanghai dragon, brought fresh nutrition knowledge for the Shanghai dragon. After 08 years of Shanghai dragon WHY, made a significant contribution to the popularization of domestic Shanghai dragon.

2, title, META distribution, keyword density, chain and other means.

4, station of long tail keywords optimization

in "how to systematically study the Shanghai dragon" in this article I also made a point of view, in the eyes of Xiao Han, Shanghai dragon is still very promising industry, we are necessary novice or veteran in-depth study.

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