To solve the four kinds of methods included new sites in Shanghai Dragon

encountered some new website optimization we often, some only included a home page, and some new sites because the station itself is less or the quality of the content is relatively low, two or three months on the line of a page have not been included, but missed the special weight period of a new station, re optimization the effort not only tiny but adventitious quantity. For the new problem that it is hard to collect, there are several common solution:

4, that the chain of power. Why mention this, because although the optimization, the chain plus little, but the chain are generally large industry platform included is very awesome, we noticed that the spider web is more like, in A5, in the search on the point of post in the information platform for the industry, with a web site, or very good new sites included method.

. First, you must ensure that the page text density and internal links to a certain amount of HTML, the code clear. Don’t come to a template station, like Shanghai will not easily give you pass the examination.

3, to exchange Links. Of course, the new station has not been included, the possibility to exchange chain and others not. This will fully display your customers might not do optimization to optimize your site or not large fluctuations, a chain and a new station, to their new power point.

2, website content from time to time to try to quantitative and high quality. The time and quantity, is to avoid three days more than two days, should adhere to the release of every day, to develop a habit of crawling spider love Shanghai. The quality as high as possible, as far as possible to the original as the original, not original but also find a good pseudo original content.

1, adjust the structure of the website

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