The user experience what is your understanding

do not have to be very beautiful, but at least not ugly, can let a person produce the feeling of disgust. The website color collocation and layout is bound to have some basic principles, do not step on mines can be in, especially in Shanghai who could easily ignore the link of dragon and Phoenix, because the search engines do not feel the site is nice. But in fact, the search engine can through the user’s behavior to predict that some things, such as "bounce rate" of this parameter.

first look at some general parameters, which are some of the principles of what type of website is:

2, appearance of the

part. But different types of web user experience can not be confused, is mainly two types: the experience and practical website website website. These two kinds of website user experience to talk about the need to separate.

The promotion and marketing of

3, internal links

website There are more than three major general

is a website of the internal links jinlao, like human skeleton, if where congestion occurs, it may cause the flow of Qi and blood, affect the site effect. The internal link is the website traffic as much as possible to the site drainage in various parts of the context, the link structure well, site PV/IP value will be higher, which is reflected in an important indicator of the charm of the website.

this is because it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, one of the most basic parameters. A website is not open very make people confused in mind. This requires a web site operator in space and the need to pay more attention to the program.

What is the

so, the user experience of the website what is good? A guide to the answer to this problem is the operation of the site. Because a lot of people know how to improve the user experience, but how to improve the knowing where to start. The following stand in an ordinary user’s point of view we love to talk about what kind of website.

1, website open speed

of a website is of course user God?. A web site is like a store, the most important thing is to let people in happy, at least not make people feel uncomfortable, on this basis, who can provide more added value, who the user experience will be better.

first, experience the website should focus on enhance the taste, as far as possible to allow users to generate more pleasure. For example, video sites, music sites, personal blogs, social networking sites, literature stations and so on is a typical experience type website, attention is paid to the entertainment, the fight is the quality of the products, there is no best, only better. For example, video station, broadcast.

website is the moment many people very enthusiastic about the Internet, but marketing and promotion must be based on the user experience, otherwise there is suspicion of bullying. Now the operation and promotion of many sites are separated, which is in order to improve the user experience, as do the product to do sales is not appropriate.

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