Website optimization keywords segmentation strategy

1, through the search engine search keywords data. In general we industry through the top three websites to search keywords, because they can be stabilized in the top three home page that the site has a certain flow, in other words, the site keywords ranking can bring to the site traffic; two from which we can pick out love Shanghai but moderate peer ranking index is not obvious and the competition intensity of small words. This we can love Shanghai weight query webmaster tools, according to the data show we can preliminarily select the target keywords.

first of all, to do the website keywords ranking good location to site keywords. This is not strange for us, Dennis before experience sharing have been introduced on the keyword positioning problem. The difference is before our study is carried out through the macro data, but also is the key data of the overall industry, and this data represents the user demand trend in the industry, but we are not for the new station and the old station compete advantage.

2, using primary keywords combined with industry data keywords pre positioning.

from easy to difficult is fundamental to our selection for new keywords. In the primary keyword selected keywords preliminary optimization will be through the data to determine the industry users. Choose any user needs no keywords to optimize it did no good to the website, and the choice of keywords high degree of user needs, often competitors have done better than us. Keywords to choose moderate, only by looking at the top three sites which do not meet the keyword set keywords throw user needs to optimize, it was possible to make the website in a short period of time to participate in the rankings.

second, using the site layout to optimize the fine > station station

to select the site keywords to know industry keywords intensity of competition. How to analysis? We usually choose two parts to.

is not feasible in knowing that the behavior is foolish, in order to make the website ranking will be analyzed one by one in a short period of time, choose appropriate competition, good love Shanghai index keywords to optimize the site get some traffic we are difficult to choose keywords to site traffic impact. We analyzed the data process and keywords location is today when it comes to the Dennis keyword segmentation strategy.

website optimization what are we doing? Is the site keywords ranking, website traffic, but more important is the website conversion rate or online marketing website is the amount. The expression is the most simple data, site data, website traffic statistics. In order to obtain good data, we must plan to carry out online marketing strategy. The author Dennis today to share with you is using a keyword segmentation strategy to achieve the purpose of network marketing.

first, the use of search engines and user data to preliminary positioning competition website keywords.

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