The effective way to improve medical site conversion rate

. You want to know your network do to see who, at least should be the needs of patients. Like many people of the site, in order to highlight the personality, the site do very fancy, but the patients but not what desire, so, what kind of website is in love? The private hospitals need to solve the problem for the patient, and the solution is through online consulting doctors understand the disease, and then to the hospital doctor, the final completion of the whole process of treatment. For example, if a skin disease patients to search how to do a skin disease, but some gynecological male advertising, will inevitably lead to lower conversion rate.

The effective way of medical site conversion rate, design a reasonable website to improve

a lot of people have asked the site conversion rate, especially for medical sites, only efficient to improve the conversion rate, will generate revenue. Thus, an effective way to improve medical site conversion rate, you become concerned. I made a medical website for more than a year, a simple website to share medical efficient to improve the conversion rate, hope to be able to communicate with you all the webmaster under. Before, I had to write "love Shanghai medical industry how to improve the conversion rate of bidding landing page", is mainly the bidding of writing, however, many medical websites go is Shanghai dragon line, so how to improve the conversion rate at the same time, everyone is concerned about the.

is an effective way to improve medical site conversion rate two, the quality and persuasion naturally become one of the important factors to judge the professionalism of the hospital. Want to write a good article, you must understand the patient. That the current mainstream idea: write to let readers understand the point, ready to accept either course, but do not quite understand, Sidongfeidong, finally produced the consultation. In fact, because now the medical website is really too much, if you were in here not to want to, you can turn off. Want to know what you want, then you must be in the patients, you need to know the following:

< 2> diagnosis. Many patients see what you wrote, may feel more like, so how to diagnosis, how to diagnose? Here is said to a detection problem, then you must tell him, you have what equipment can detect, for he confirmed, then, so he’ll want to the hospital diagnosis. For example, the disease can be urticaria, detection of allergens and allergen detection by then, you should tell him that he could come for treatment.

< 3> treatment. To understand the disease situation, understand how to diagnose, so when it comes to the inevitable following treatment. What makes your hospital patient trust? That is the treatment method, you can use some means of packaging, to let patients have a letter for you.

< 1> be aware of your patients search some symptoms of the disease in certain diseases, want to know the details, then you must tell him, what are the symptoms of the disease. Let the patient have a cognition to the disease, so as to produce the trust to you.

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