Shanghai dragon is to face everything

and I also read a few books, then we often see a lot of stationmaster net, has been the webmaster real experience sharing, benefit a lot, also slowly read the master grow, so I have a named "talent".

online often see a lot of people: Shanghai dragon in many aspects of the article, write very detailed, very theory.

as everyone knows, only theoretical knowledge is solid, do the following words, was unashamedly, according to the study, have a more comprehensive plan to own a website in Shanghai Longfeng work will also do this, the basic condition of the station.

"Petunia hybrida to nose" is very important, I personally feel that many webmaster, learned a lot of knowledge about Shanghai dragon, it is also a very rich. I think everyone’s situation is different, the most important is that each person’s energy is limited, you may not have what, what are the master, I think that the site, there are many basic things to know, for example, the website program type, environment, and the main characteristics of machine etc. is to know that, in addition, there are Shanghai dragon of preparation, here I not say, we all know. Shanghai Longfeng knowledge to fully learn, really is not easy, so we webmaster as long as one of the more important will be on the line, I personally think it is enough to start, the society, the essence of which is on the line, we said "keyword, the chain, and the original article". Everyone can see that a lot of Shanghai dragon books, I think this is very important, the first thing to do is half the battle, below is minor alterations.

3. Shanghai dragon can not do everything, is not comprehensive.

see a lot of webmaster, he learned a lot of knowledge of Shanghai dragon, and then do not know how to use, is likely to be "sesame lost watermelon". Get a station for a few months, to write the original every day, every day is very hard, but the result, change the rank of the website also not much. Every day to listen to the man, to get together, and then see the book that is more, will also get together, the last had confused, "what is the Shanghai dragon?" so hard I often see a lot of Shanghai dragon, people in the group called love Shanghai. In fact, I think a lot is due to their own reasons, mainly has no problem, really a lot of pay for the site, but it is no effect, often see, I also have a little sense.

Oh, nonsense is not to say, today is to talk with everyone on my own, in more than half of Shanghai Longfeng feel about, also have personal experience to share some not mature.

1. I think Shanghai dragon to learn knowledge, but also to learn more comprehensive.

2. Shanghai dragon knowledge in practice, learn to "catch the main contradiction".

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