Selling links lead to inspiration from Shanghai’s eleven love phenomenon

and many owners, the first thing is to open the computer to work every day to see the latest web site included and ranking, and as usual, the day when I query the site included and inquiry found included the number slightly reduce, not too much, but the problem is the net station originally came in third page keywords the ranking suddenly drop, the first site is love Shanghai right down to second pages, which we often say "love Shanghai eleven" from sea to love! As can be imagined, the flow of all of a sudden a lot less, resulting in serious effects on the site, the first reaction at the time was to identify problems to solve the


solution is very effective!The

find the problem, I immediately began to remedy: the first is to contact the customer to explain the situation to him, because of the link just on the two day, so I chose a full refund, apologize, do this "chicken egg" things in order to develop the website of long-term or not; two is immediately the usual time and increase the content of the site, and all of the original content, pseudo original content is not in use; the three is to increase the chain according to its frequency, and focus on the choice of weight high BBS hair soft outside the chain; the four is to seek a high weight site swap Links, used to offset the positive effect due to inappropriate the negative effect brought by the chain increase. After the remedial measures, because of the weight of the site had accumulated on the good, and finally in three days after the website ranking back to the first page, up to fifth, while compared to the previous third is down, but was seen at the time by the rush to increase the negative effects of love sea punishment link brings big, at the same time also proved that the eleven phenomena previously learned

A5 often focus on the webmaster to share the experience, so I know something about the phenomenon of early eleven, then quickly according to the items you know one by one investigation: 1. test again with Adsense helper sites within the chain, the chain chain found no; 2. website number did not change, still remain stable the contents of the update and the chain; 3. sites of increased frequency without substantial fluctuations; 4. website Links due to link to sell nearly two days just while adding three links, here is the question of whether

problem is being solved in time, but the experience of love Shanghai eleven phenomenon also brings reflection to me: for personal webmaster to.


expect to sell link with the three link, I suddenly react at that time because of their quality and not be negligent check the link, at the same time as the customer once the three chain also makes me a moment ", whether the mad about money" chain appropriate frequency, but directly to the website all at the same time increase. This would not tight, when I detect the three links can not help but let me by surprise, three links are two is love sea K out of the station, there is a long time not updated snapshot, is obviously love Shanghai drop right punishment station, blame the customer has not so generous price I accepted the offer, but careless to his station brought such a serious impact.

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