The basic analysis of enterprise website optimization suggestions Shanghai Longfeng case


here we gossip or get on! This article shared today is Yang Zi recently gave a simple analysis of an enterprise and puts forward some suggestions to do, of course there some modifications to the details without giving details, this is to give you a thinking space.

suggestion: in the circumstances necessary to do the best flash, the big picture compression and website construction service communication processing.

home FLASH, the picture is too large to increase the loading time to open the site to the user experience, while the search engine is not friendly to Shanghai dragon optimization.

website optimization suggestionsThe design of

(search engine optimization) from the perspective of the overall structure of Shanghai, the current site is not conducive to search engine optimization, according to the website architecture design as a single page layout of a single product, and for enterprises should be more than just a single product, and single product page design has a basic inertia will adopt larger display and etc. the text in the form of pictures show, from the senses is so tall, but standing in the perspective of a search engine is not to regard it as right. The following from the following points:

today to share with you in this article is to remind himself, he must adhere to spur more to do, as early as 2014 when inspired by Yang Zi wrote a limerick to take this opportunity to give you encouragement:

actually like this is really shouldn’t be out to share with you, but remember Yang Zi for a long time did not write the article, in this period of time is not completely because of busy, to tell the truth is really a bit lazy, because there is such a lazy thought consciousness is easy to lack of writing inspiration and the material of the article, which sometimes want to write the mind is a blank to write.

suggestion: will the website all the dynamic form URL to the level of static form does not exceed three, the whole site URL structure into tree flat structure to search engine crawling, conducive to the user experience. Such as: 贵族宝贝zhizaikeji贵族宝贝/news/2016325.html.



(emotional terrible, hard to static. Life is invincible, red quartet.

, a site of URL structureThe

site of all URL structure into a dynamic form parameter too much is not conducive to spider crawling included (pictured):


(inert you will fail. No excuse to enter.

three, in addition to optimizing the website home page three label elements outside, several other navigation columns are not reflected in the background, for the optimization of a website for the three element tag is important especially to optimize the title label, titl> label in three

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