Talk about a few months Scindapsus counter attack link platform status

analysis of the current status of the real link platform

small link platform website gradually disappearing, some still large platform links this is probably true give dying kicks, the current link platform for the industry, as a personal operating platform link can not afford such a blow, the station was K and the recovery probability is almost zero. In the face of this helpless situation, I think most of the people can only choose to give up, so the number of links to the future of small platform websites will be very few, but of course a few lucky, Scindapsus algorithm to extrajudicial mercy. Look at the large link platform, such as Ali slightly, this link platform is a team or company operation, so it will not give up so easily link trading market. Ali is now slightly also start a love Shanghai auction, but it is not a permanent solution, link platform website must obtain the living space in Shanghai under the situation out of love, not love Shanghai, and Google, Sogou, soso, 360 other search engines can get web traffic through these search engines.


second: link platform can not continue to do

February 19th Shanghai launched the green love algorithm, it has been almost 2 months, Scindapsus algorithm of link platform is hit by several large link There was no parallel in history., trading platforms have been K, typical Ali slightly. Before I wrote an article about the intermediary platform: Scindapsus ruthless link how to survive, this article analyzes the link platform how to survive in the Scindapsus algorithm, the simple point that is a website to leave love Shanghai, how to get traffic. Today I see Ali slightly has done love Shanghai auction, if you fall in love with the sea really to link platform you can not spare none, to do the bidding link platform. But Shanghai is bidding love burn, come down for a long time is not a good idea, especially small link platform website N, not so much money to do the bidding. Link platform difficulty can only be some personal webmaster do die


now link platform operators should be thinking about the most link platform website has no users, no one is willing to buy links, actually love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm did not imagine so smart, love Shanghai always needs to be improved and perfected. As the saying goes, there are policies, under the measures, common link phenomenon will, just in quantity and quality to make adjustments, in other words, there are still a lot of people will continue to buy links. This link platform user group has not disappeared, links to the sale of the market still exist, only when we link some more scruples. Love the sea K many link trading platform, forcing these sites lose most of traffic, so many links can not give up the platform. In fact, love Shanghai algorithm is the original intention to regulate Scindapsus link market, my humble opinion: love Shanghai is not linked to the sale of the site because of technical limitation, spare none, nor a large influence.

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