Links disclosed two advanced techniques to deceive


us to the naked eye to see the Links website. Web site temporarily not listed, you can add my QQ, I can explain in detail the site.

and I took a Links to this website, with link checking tools check links, also found Links normal.

but what? We love Shanghai snapshot, note that a direct view of love Shanghai snapshot, can still see the link, we need to see the love Shanghai snapshot of the source code. Screenshot below:



exchange Links, we improve website ranking, improve the weights of the website the most basic techniques.

view page source code, Links place, also showed normal.

we are not seeing Links places where the code is completely different, with the above second. In contrast, all links into javascript.

is not easy for a high PR, weight high site links, that takes advantage of the result? Not careful, not only did not account for cheap, but also give people sent a one-way link.

I think the station cheating should be collected, the spider IP, then determine the current browsing for spider IP, show JS link, otherwise, it shows the normal link. So, ordinary users through the browser to see is a normal link, link checking Tools > access to the past

for Links cheat, I used to write two articles about the deception. See "Links deception" and "let you unexpected Links deception" should expose the advanced techniques, for most of the links have been disclosed to deceive. Today a webmaster and I reflect, said Links cheating, but whether link checking tools link checking tools or the normal development of plug-in version, no law recognition. We take a look at this website cheating.


directly open his web page, you can see the following Links display normal.

link checking tools 贵族宝贝 plug-in version check, also found Links normal. The plug-in version of link checking tools is the client IP to simulate the love of spiders in Shanghai.


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