Love Shanghai rectification search revenue Maybe this is not true


search promotion in excessive commercial love Shanghai, really let people disgust, after all, social responsibility and ignore the user experience ignored, eventually makes it difficult to endure "


after Post Bar and Wei Zexi after the incident, Shanghai seems to have become a target for all search for love, bad mouthing the sound can be heard without end. Indeed, for so many years, to love Shanghai as the representative of the bidding promotion mode criticized. Model itself is no problem, because Google search engine is also used in some. The problem is too commercial, while ignoring the feelings of the user experience and the Internet, not to mention so deceived fatal things have occurred. So, the national three ministries jointly settled love Shanghai, administrative instruction let love Shanghai cheerful rectification. Network Information Office issued rectification requirements at the beginning of love, Shanghai stock continued to fall, there netizens enthusiastic onlookers, hot love Shanghai revenue hit. The results may not be the case, perhaps in the short term, the rectification of the Shanghai love search, because the ad showed the decrease in the number of, will bring temporary reduction in revenues. But the future for a period of time, the love of Shanghai may therefore enhance the search revenue or money.

chaos search

on PPC, a lot of people think is the first time the search on the left side of the front ten ad (love Shanghai after rectification to four), but ignore the bidding advertising has been constantly interpretation of love Shanghai. For example, the love of Shanghai trade, it is advertising, and display and charging mode and the promotion of identical bidding. But compared to the ad above less traffic, but as the author of the first-tier cities of Shanghai, Shanghai website construction industry love trade bid is too high. In web design the word as an example, if you want to show in the business before the three, the working time is less than 70 yuan each bid, has been almost impossible. For + seven trade, show the location of the most gold, all is for advertising, love Shanghai’s revenue will be affected?

this is a hot search traffic map, warm area representative unit time click number, cool area per unit of time the number of clicks less. After watching this picture, what we seem to understand. 80% or more traffic, are concentrated in the upper region on the left side. We love Shanghai promotion mode, pay per click, show is free of charge. Reduce search promotion does not show the amount of love Shanghai revenue, because the real "gold" area, still show four ads. There is a phenomenon that can not be ignored is that due to the decrease in advertising show the location of the four, only the promotion position will allow many businesses to grab the head broken and bleeding. To rank up, the only way only to improve the bidding, to improve bidding. A single click on the price rising, while the flow of concentrated area still shows four promotion information, love Shanghai’s revenue will be affected?


a map to tell you the truth

After the golden age

love Shanghai business is competitive ranking

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