Keywords SEM few steps in the transformation test

3 conversion page is actually a relatively easy part of the problem. A possible transformation payment link itself is a problem, can not complete the transaction; another may be transformed to pay itself is no problem, but paid.

"no change" is a universal problem, I list what I encountered this problem may take several steps inspection, most of them believe that Hewei have been operating, but to other readers may still have meaning.

2, check the landing page. The majority of customers to the brand word and other keywords of the track means not different, but different landing pages are very common. Brand word usually points to the website, and other keywords may refer to the relevant page. Then the relevant page load if there is problem? From the pages of the purchase page arrived in the process there is no problem? I haven’t seen the non brand keywords landing page common problem in practice, but some of the words and the next level of the landing page page problem is not uncommon, this is often due to the adjustment of the website structure and URL the format of the. Tens of thousands of pages in large sites often involve different departments, some departments or some of the adjustment function may produce a chain reaction. If the site structure is not scientific URL format is not unified, adjustment is prone to error, resulting in the lower part of the page link failure or failure. If the inspection found the landing page to check into pages.

Hewei comments on the "indirect conversion": "if the customer in addition to brand word conversion, other words are not translated, so what to do?"

this reminds me of a blog before seen, the title is "100% guarantee loss account for two weeks to improve ROI 50%". The author’s meaning is: if your SEM account for two weeks of consumption 500 yuan, generating revenue of 100 yuan, it means a loss of 400 yuan. Want a quick stop? No problem, your account has stopped, send 500 yuan to me two weeks, I promise to pay you 300 dollars, so you just lost 200 yuan, 50% improvement! Blog use is irony of tone, point it very practical: there are a lot of customers to SEM on knowing a loss situation, but also unable to reach the ROI index, which in itself is contradictory.


1, check the tracking method. SEM advertising if there is contrary to the normal cognition of "no change" situation, the first is to rule out technical barriers. The network marketing effect evaluation based on effective tracking basis. Or is Cookie written by JS, or read the reference log on the website, is a process by showing – click tracking to achieve results. In the case of Hewei, the brand word conversion, while other words are not, need to confirm the deployment of tracking brand word and other words are the same. If the tracking means there is no problem, then enter the next step.

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