Hold Jingdong Tmall promotion has not yet begun to highlight the sniper

April, Dangdang Gome first opened a prelude to the electricity supplier giant price war, suning.com then the price war to high Chao, while the B2C giant Jingdong has not much response. The April war seems to be fired at the Jingdong, and this year the price war has just begun, the first half is to hold the best Jingdong, pull down. There will be more intense price war in the second half, because the second half of the price war target will be Tmall.


ignore rivals to challenge

Jingdong began early this year to compete with Tmall, said to be a showdown with Tmall, but Tmall has not responded, did not let the Jingdong public relations campaign to succeed, now the Jingdong has not the original challenge Tmall’s arrogance, because now is suning.com, Dangdang Gome Bi is very tight. In April, suning.com began to Tmall declare war, Suning Jingdong didn’t put in the eye, target opponent only Tmall, but Tmall also does not respond to the challenge of suning.

Tmall last year, a lesson for competitors

the year before Taobao launched singles promotions detonated online shopping Carnival last year, the major electricity supplier sites have to follow up singles promotion activities, but the harvest is Taobao. According to official data show that Taobao Taobao mall, Alipay mall day trading volume exceeded 3 billion 360 million last year on the same day trading volume of nearly 4 times; and taobao.com, Taobao mall Alipay trading volume exceeded 5 billion 200 million. The creation of the domestic one-day online shopping transaction records, double eleven promotion way ahead on other business, the major electricity supplier in the double eleven day although tasted some sweetness, but compared with Taobao far.


follow up activities in the double eleven competitors, Taobao in the twelve twelve conspiracy activities, activities of other electricity supplier website a be taken by surprise this is Taobao, brilliance, a month after the double eleven promotion, also is the new year before another round of promotion, at the end of heat consumption in advance to twelve, because at the end of the year will restrict the consumer online shopping logistics, so the corresponding time just right, Taobao and Taobao – make big money, and other electricity supplier website only looking at Taobao’s data envy copies. Twelve day promotional 120 million users of consumer in Taobao, the equivalent of 1/10 national people to try online shopping, while total sales reached 4 billion 380 million yuan.

The first half of the second half of the

Jingdong Tmall


engage in large-scale promotional activities have an advantage, because Tmall and Taobao promotion is business platform Rangli promotions, Tmall is only responsible for the activities of the organization, not too much pressure on revenues, while Tmall or Taobao businesses certainly hope in this two promotions a big advantage, so have small profits. If the Jingdong or Tesco do promotional activities, is to get small profits at the expense of a single product profit effect. Although Tmall’s promotional activities also want to sacrifice a single product profits, but not at the expense of Tmall itself, but Tmall’s businesses, so Jingdong is >

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