How to use the word love Shanghai high tail index to improve the site weight of love Shanghai

for industry of the highest weight website for example this website.

some schemes to improve website weight


then the problem, high index word said here, what is the word? Remember here that the high index keywords, long tail keywords index is high, if not high tail index words, it is difficult to sit up and enhance the weight of the rankings.

What is love

love Shanghai weight surely we all know, before many webmaster very care about Google PR because the PR value is the authority, but with the cancellation of the 2013 Google PR 2016 Google officially stopped updating to the true meaning of the PR value, most webmaster friends especially do the optimization of the webmaster friends to target on weight love Shanghai, so as to why surely we all know about.

what is love Shanghai

is the focus of the above steps, find a good word, only favorable > quietly write original high

and the index weight of Shanghai love

Shanghai index word

The first step of

key: the method of obtaining high tail index keywords,

love Shanghai?

this article has deposit draft for a long time, the outline is already listed for a long time, has been said to have been written, no time, anyway, do not know the time where to go, today will give you the simple share it

weight? The relationship between

? !

problem has been mentioned above, the higher the index word proof search number, if ranking, website traffic with the word will also increase, so the site will also increase the weight of love Shanghai.

?In fact, the

how to get the high tail index word

to be honest love Shanghai love to the weight of the weight is not the sea, but the third party webmaster query tool according to the site keywords ranking is expected to bring website traffic, evaluation data division, love Shanghai official actually does not recognize this love Shanghai weight.

click on the icon to see the following second cloth bear this figure, "2017 holiday arrangements timetable, the high index of the word is the long tail keywords, if not assured, you can copy the word love Shanghai official webmaster tools query. The results are as like as two peas.

simple example, love Shanghai index is used to query a keyword, for a period of time inherent love Shanghai search engine search queries. Master these data can clear how users search, distribution in what place, so as to make more analysis more accurate data to make the data marketing plan. For the webmaster proof search index is higher if the word number is larger, more high ranking of words, so the word can give your site to bring traffic and weight.

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