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this year, many content entrepreneurs took the lead in breaking the capital winter to get investment. Especially in the field of short video entrepreneurship, there is an outbreak of potential. In March 19th, the video from the media "Papi sauce" announced a 12 million yuan financing. March 18th, the new media video platform, "two more" announced the completion of more than 5000 yuan of A round of financing. May 19th, there is news that surging news CEO Qiu soldiers will leave, in the field of short video re start.

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"these economists can do it on their own, but Kung Fu still chooses to hold them together." Wang Mudi said, the traditional media from the individual thinking limitations and knowledge of the blind spot of the structure, it is difficult to self breakthrough, many are anxious, no content to do. Kung Fu finance is the ecology of rivers and lakes. On the platform there is a group of experts who produce content. The company is worried about too much content, and now WeChat’s headline push is full, considering how to re layout next.

May 16th, China financial collective from the media platform "Kung Fu finance" officially announced that the company completed 15 million yuan of A round of financing, investors for the group Youku potatoes. After the round of financing, Kung Fu financial valuation has more than 200 million yuan.

this reporter Shen Junhan, Beijing reported

is the first domestic big three BAT the first prefix – sh419, the largest search engine. sh419 two words from Chinese great beauty, known to every family of the poem "he found the degreeses". Seek, that is, explore, reflect the nature of the enterprise, but also to enhance corporate content. Most of the course is overwhelmed with admiration for the last sentence: when I look back at that person but in the lights dim! Found, that is a little bit of precision. sh419 is really a very good search engine name. I think the original name must be a literary and art youth.

not only in the country, foreigners also value the name very much. But they say the name refers to the brand name of the enterprise. Jack, the father of contemporary positioning, ·, Trout pointed out sharply: "brand logo is not important, it is important that the brand name.".

Chinese folk known as "not afraid of life, wrong life, but afraid of the wrong name" argument. It is thus clear that good names occupy a place in the hearts of the chinese. Whenever a child is born, with the joy of the whole family together, choose a good name for this new life, I think, no longer willing to children called Alipay. Indeed, names do possess the power, or even the decisive factor, of a person’s life.

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, today’s society is entering a strange social era, all kinds of strange social tools like the emergence of bamboo shoots after a spring rain LBS, based on WeChat see nearby people, has the luck of unfamiliar street based shake and get together at the door. In the process of communication, the first thing is the eye of the eye users mad pull cool noble glamorous net. Admittedly, a good name will lead to better quality networking resources.

can make the company’s valuation three times in three months. Wang Mudi think, mainly because Kung Fu is in the three financial times is an outlet, the content of entrepreneurship in the spring of two is a short video of the outbreak, three is the economics becomes a significant economic downturn, economists, the sound becomes more valuable.

it is understood that Kung Fu financial by Wang Mudi, Kuang LAN joint founding, in November 11, 2015, WeChat public number "Kung Fu finance" formally launched. The platform proposed the concept of collective self media, and gathered several financial and economic circles such as Li Daxiao, Ma Guangyuan and Hu Run. Every day to push 5 minutes short video and about 1000 words of article, the content of both sharp political review, there are humorous pan financial jokes.

of course, well versed in this not only led the british. There are other domestic and foreign brands, don’t worry, the author is all one by one.

Linkedin into China, named "lead Britain", including the leadership of the meaning of talent, it can be seen that its user positioning is a number of white-collar, middle and high-income earners. It is in line with Linkedin’s product connotation and temperament, which is a good brand name. It conforms to Trout’s brand name positioning theory.

review: three months, Kung Fu financial valuation over three times, because it is in the air three times: one is that the content of entrepreneurship in the spring; two is a short video of the outbreak; three is that economics becomes a significant economic downturn, economists, the sound becomes more valuable.  

mentioned sh419, and it’s impossible not to mention his old rival, shlf1314, a global search leader. shlf1314, the name is shlf1314 Chinese transliteration, also very poetic, imagine singing in the valley, the echo soon sounded, what does this mean? The search speed phrase, to meet user demands. I think shlf1314 China is pretty good.

one venture chairman Liu Dele said, investment Kung Fu finance is mainly to see Wang Mudi and his strong scholars behind the camp, which is a great asset. Second, there are old investors in the investment

combined with the recent global well-known social networking site Linkedin into China heavy news, the author and we explore the importance of enterprise brand name.

in February this year, Kung Fu financial completed the investment in China branch, 21 fund and Shenzhen Tian An digital city group led by the Pre-A round of financing. Wang Mudi was disclosed in micro-blog, the amount of financing in the eight figures, the company’s valuation reached 60 million. After the completion of the A round of financing, Kung Fu financial valuation of more than 200 million yuan.

to mention, wisdom in bid, I heard for the first time, think it is in the will, in vain, a kind of want to get, want to possess desire. Later I knew it was <

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