The limitations on the Shanghai dragon engine optimization search

4, search engine optimization, Shanghai dragon er must have patience, and patience is persistent, ready to enter the ranks of the Shanghai dragon friends, if lost and lonely, it is absolutely impossible. Most of the success of the Shanghai dragon er you only see their successful results, and work during the course of us may be hard to imagine.

2, as a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners must maintain good learning attitude, Shanghai dragon blog every day to absorb timely information and knowledge, understand or grasp the latest research direction of Shanghai Dragon technology, Shanghai dragon blog has been advocated in SEO industry thinking is very important, it should not follow the trend of conformity, mind the location, location is the ability to reflect.

1, search engine optimization, which is the country who often slips of the Shanghai dragon optimization (Reference: about Shanghai dragon SEM marketing optimization and error terms, without actually thinking) skills, who boast overnight ranking technology is not realistic. The mature search engine does not allow such a site operation, like a green hand child, all of a sudden fame, but later tasted many things.

3, search engine optimization takes time, the most classic formula is: C1+L2+K3+O4 = Clock= Shanghai dragon formula formula. Do the accumulation of Shanghai dragon need time to experience, continue to absorb new knowledge, time is the best proof, time will prove correctness of your practice, your strategy for sustainable development.

search engine optimization itself has limitations, share 4 points below Shanghai Dragon Technology Blog:

in Shanghai dragon industry friends some people will ask you the following two similar problems: 1, what time can make me "can be found in the search engines? 2, what time can find my site keywords in the search engine home page

everyone has the right to choose the way of life, each independent minded adults have their own thinking direction, law-abiding, or lead a fast ride and so on is a state of life. ;

optimization strategy implementation in different industries and different types of sites are not the same (please click: website optimization = Shanghai dragon strategy + content + structure + website website website links + user experience), so the search engine included release time is different, sometimes also feel that Shanghai Dragon technology can make a the new domain name website collection and release of the operation is quite quick search engine within two or three days, and how many people have actually realized? At least I operation over the case not so fast, maybe Shanghai Dragon technology is not mastered! In fact for search engines, premature infant is not necessarily a good thing, so according to Shanghai Dragon Technology habits, law-abiding, release site in three weeks. Recommended reading: love Shanghai not included | love is not released in Shanghai.


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