The optimization work should be carefully universal search engine does not exist

as to what is the best way to optimize their websites, thus to use the search engine; 1 is the site of space velocity and stability to maintain a good, build a site choice when you should pay attention to choose the good security space. The 2 is to innovation, writing regularly, innovative articles and regularly publish articles on the website optimization is the key point to. The 3 is the combination of the chain and the chain, do the chain and the chain to make the chain, find some high weight, good place is included the release will be less.

domain name and space, we all know that the shorter the domain name, the domain name is smooth and good mind, select the domain name when you can buy a relatively high weight of the domain name, can also go to buy nets of domestic domain, of course, the domestic domain price is certainly higher than abroad. Select the space to choose a stable, fast, space is not good may cause the failure of the global. The site should be optimized, perfect, key links, title, column and so on as long as the keywords are related, associated with the search engine can use some good methods and techniques to optimize, improve website ranking purposes. Outside the site outside the chain to be many, some people may say that the chain is not in essence. In fact, this view is wrong, the chain the more the better, just in time for the release of the chain to be careful not to the chain released to the site to garbage, then influence on the site is not good, easy to cause the search engine’s disgust.

search engine is essential in the process of doing stand, make good use of the search engine can help webmasters to get a good ranking in the process of doing stand, a good website popularity. But you left the search engine to be successful, we need a rational look at the role of search engines, aware of the search engine and is not a panacea, it can only make our work easier. The search engine in the treatment process, not simply believe that as long as their own good, right, the optimization of key words written can make your own website ranking.

work?When do you want to choose the

do the above points is not to say your site ranking and traffic will rise, this is the so-called search engine is not a panacea, do internal optimization can also.

search engine is not simple for you every month to bring thousands of dollars of income, it is mainly to exercise our ability to accumulate experience, only have more ability, more experience can you achieve thousand dreams, so how to do the right to search engine and how? To optimize the

webmaster friends, every day for the ranking of the site and work hard, I believe there are many owners have had to give up the idea, but they rely on their indomitable spirit and hard work will have to give up the idea of defeat. But when you do the optimization webmaster want to clear the search engine really can help you solve all difficulties? You know what search engines can bring to


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