Website optimization rookie should look at the anchor text

3. note

in the website optimization the word anchor text appears in the process of frequency is very high, but we often say that the quality of the chain, the chain and so on, to hear the most is the anchor text. But for the novice webmaster anchor text is what is not very clear, here and share with you some ideas about it.

first explain the concept of the anchor text, is simply a word has links to open another page, general form is a different color, click on the underlined, will change the color. This is a form of anchor text appearance, I believe we have seen the various articles in this format. Here to say that the inherent anchor text, the first text added links whether inside or outside the station to call second, adding links anchor text; in the picture below is not called anchor text, as a most important property of the anchor text is adding a link in the text; third, plus WWW in a word the link is not, because this is a link.

on site optimization now the highest voice is to improve the user experience, the article written is meant to be seen, after joining the first anchor text allows users to see the key on the other hand, is convenient for users to access more information, do not have to open the new search box to search, save the time of users, that is increase your user experience. It can reduce the rate of jump out the site to a certain extent, we all know that out of the lower rate that the content of the website more valuable.

second, identify the key words add anchor text, in the first place that the difficulty of the word, but you want to do the site directly to do is of no use, so the word is.

website to make the most important thing is to increase the flow, let everyone know this web site, so the anchor text is added in the website optimization to build a bridge for the original website and Internet. A spider to catch the copious and fluent what you focus on, how can you find multiple pages of content, then we must add anchor text, here for example: your site has three level structure, in the first stage of an article which relates to the keywords in two pages, then you have to the purpose of the Guide to the inside of the spider climb, just like you want to catch an animal and then spilled food and animal food will be in accordance with the mark to you. Spiders have such a guide to your purpose, on the other hand, the spider will favor will often visit your site for you, thereby increasing the flow rate.

2. user experience

understand the nature of the anchor text to use it in the website optimization process, so as to bring traffic to your site.

1. optimization effectAfter the

first of all, the article has a lot of website optimization keywords the difficulty of the key words in front of and anchor text, such as search engines better.

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