The rapid increase in user experience six strokes

is very easy to think that your normal most probably it did not actually happen on your web browser, it will correctly display in other browsers, you still need to test the web site in different browsers and devices in the display is normal. Although the browser display.

good website should have good user experience, in fact, the basic requirements of users is very simple, can quickly find information, to complete the task. The site is slow to load or confusing user interface is frustrating, these will lead to bad user experience, and then leave your site. Continuously improve the user experience is an important link to improve the site traffic, here are some suggestions to help you start to improve the user experience.

to create a search site navigation

lost a site visitors often only a few seconds this page loading time, slow loading speed will make your visitors lose patience, resulting in the loss of customers. Admittedly, small parts of gorgeous and complex Javascript can create impressive user interface, but the speed of the site than in creativity, speed and interface choice, speed is obviously in the first place. The use of GTmetrix testing tools to test your site speed, to improve the speed of the site of the project.

no man love a messy web site, the layout will make numerous visitors at a loss. Perhaps the beginning layout is simple, but with the passage of time, too much accumulated pictures, animation and advertising, can make your site look jumbled. A number of studies show that Internet users believe that web design will also serve as a site of credibility index. Now it is time to put these additional pictures of your site and does not need the function of redundancy control, if you have extra elements on the page, and you don’t know where to start control, you can choose to use the tool to finish.

trademarkYou should

trademark is like a lighthouse, always find the way home, click on your sign means that the user can return to your home. Otherwise, they will have to find another button, click the back button several times, enter the address in the address bar, or simply leave the site. To make things simple way is to create a large, obvious links, visitors need to click on the trademark shortcut, you can return to the home page.

improve your website speed

repeated test site

simplify your web page

Click to enter the home page

Web 2 users depends largely on the search function to help them find what they need on the Internet of things, so there is a best search bar on your website. Can also consider other ways to make your site has a search function, such as adding the category list, or use your blog tag cloud and so on. Another advantage is to create a web search, you can clearly understand the visitors on your site information required for vane.

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