Do you have the user experience

is a website access speed is very important to the website, the user does not have the patience to wait for a website to slowly open, if a site access speed is very slow, so the user will directly off the network, so as a webmaster we need to improve the speed of the site. A website with the speed of our space, there are many webmaster love to buy without record of foreign and Hongkong’s space, the space is saved for the trouble but due to space in foreign countries, it will cause the website access speed is much slower than the domestic space. There are many webmaster love on the website to add a lot of video and animation FLASH, this method can increase the appearance of the site but the problem is that it brings serious impact on the site access speed, so we do not need to add a large number of video and FLASH on the site.

, the speed of the site visit

if your site to do the first two words, focus on that and now we have to do is to arrange the content of the web site. Users come to our web site is to find what you want, if we are able to provide what they want, so to a certain extent we meet the needs of users, in line with the user experience, users will continue to stay on our website. So whether a site has a valuable content related to the user experience.

Shanghai dragon



two, web page of cleanliness


3 era allows us to improve the user experience on the most important position in website optimization, how to increase user experience has become our most concerned about the issue of Shanghai dragon er. Today Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon vision and we talk about how to increase the user experience of the website

if your site is a personal blog we can open the comment function and message function, so that users can when reading our article and author for communication. If your site is a business station or a BTOC store, then you need to interact with the user web service. The web service will greatly enhance the user in the process of interaction with customers in interest, and improve the user experience.

value of website content

a web page is very clean give users leave a good first impression, other users will be interested in the contents of web browsing. If a website is an open a bunch of advertising, out of order and content, we will continue to browse? In order to improve the cleanliness of the site should first time in web design we pay attention to the site’s style collocation, color collocation and reasonable layout of the page. Secondly, we have to design good website navigation system, let the user know in what place. I personally think that the Jingdong mall site cleanliness do very well, the page clean natural navigation system, doing well.

interactive website

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