Exclusive secret the influencing factors of Shanghai Longfeng original articles not included and sol

C. links to get search engine submission platform: we can put the article to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform were submitted, but must pay attention, do not.

B. in the chain structure should be reasonable when attract spiders come in, is to let it crawl the site of each part of the contents, but this time you need to do the work within the chain, best to avoid the existence of the dead link, the chain is only one point, whether do the relevant guidance.

many people write original articles found not included, gave up the original update operation, in fact, at the time of the operation, the original content is still the most search engines love things, but we wonder whether your original content is in accordance with the Internet user’s appetite, is the enjoyment of writing or to the user as a reference for learning the content, a big reason is because the content will lead to poor quality of search engines do not crawl the web to this point in the back in detail.

is also a part of the webmaster see others do website content acquisition included good, so he can do collection content, assessment eventually is your site’s value is greatly reduced, the final collection has become a problem, but the original article is still optimized leading, this point in doubt.




A. proper to the chain work: many people think that the chain has no use, actually otherwise, the role of the chain is still important, in some of the platform to release the chain, not only can attract the spider to the website to capture content, can also attract some traffic accidents.

believe this problem and bothering you for a long time, some Adsense every day make painstaking efforts to write original update, but always can not get the favour of search engine, and some websites even collected can reach the second treatment, we adhere to the original update in the wrong direction? It is otherwise others merit? It can make nothing of it. Reason analysis and solution, and it is today and share and why write original not included.

1. site is new

for a new station, to achieve the effect, generally a bit difficult, like in love, you just touch the girl, think about somebody else to open the room immediately, it has been impossible to it, many of my friends always think your website has spent the new period, generally less than six a month can be called new sites, if your website has not reached six months, then included slow are normal, without excessive worry, insist on doing the right thing.

two. Why not search engine included original article

. The original article is still the dominant direction of

how to shorten the new audit period? Many people often have doubts, why others website later than me, but included earlier than me, in fact this is someone else optimization do well, so for the new station, how can speed up the collection of

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