Exchange chain and the Shanghai dragon blog if you have to think clearly

Shanghai Longfeng bloggers are some optimization personnel, and this blog is your site. It will be for some of the problems of blog too much attention. For example, I encountered such a blog site, sometimes temporary cannot access is not a strange thing, and the author of the site just a few hours can not access, and this a few hours has become the reason why the author cannot access the site in the chain chain other removed. I was this dumbfounding, some bloggers may still novice, to optimize the details over the pursuit of. When I first entered the industry in the optimization, the >

The author is mainly to explain the above

every webmaster has its own exchange chain principle, or is related to, or to the PR or high weight, or to high traffic and so on. We also have a clear understanding of Links can bring to our site, the effect is more obvious. A high quality Links can say even better than junk the chain effect of hundreds of. There is concern Chinese webmaster nobility baby blog friends should be found, the official blog and the famous Zac Bo can exchange chain. The first is the use of two Zac blog directory, until 2011 to enable Zac Shanghai dragon in this one domain. The old domain name still in operation and use 301 jump to the new domain name blog, to retain a lot of weight! We can be found through the tool weight Zac blog in the chain is the highest nobility baby this one of the chain blog.

The disadvantage of

a drawbacks: the survival time of Shanghai dragon blog a lot of short

three: little experience, Shanghai dragon blog may be too much attention to the details of the

Links for an important role which plays in the site in the station optimization. Then we cut to the chase: exchange links with Shanghai Phoenix blog, if you think so? Why? Because when we exchange our friends of the chain and the Shanghai dragon blog, there are several drawbacks exist, so I will share this three sum up their own.

we can find the optimization of many blogs on the survival time is very short, can keep operating an optimization of the blog is not much. May be because of various reasons, we do not have to make a long-term plan or just concerned with the ranking at the beginning of the establishment of the depleted our heart, resulting in the optimization of our blog ended hastily. There may be reason is not a complete site profit model. This will lead to Shanghai dragon blog live a very short time, one of which is also the author of a little experience in the chain do most frequently encountered phenomenon. The exchange chain and the site of the Shanghai dragon blog is not the end of the domain name does not renew, is diverted to turn it to make some garbage collection site, some sites even modified to become a medical site. So I think in your blog and the Shanghai dragon when the exchange of a chain, you should consider the blog may survive a relatively short time.

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