Taobao Tmall hidden commodity turnover users worried about promoting single brush


] January 22nd news billion state power network, according billion state power network understanding, from January 27, 2016 onwards, Taobao Ali retail platform and Tmall product details page "record" will no longer display area. Taobao said the move is to protect the data security businesses.

although the transaction display area will be hidden, but the original sales and evaluation information before the business does not disappear, will still be normal accumulation.  

Taobao and Tmall stressed that the "record" off the line after the merchant’s goods sales still exist, but not shown in the details of the transaction details page, there is no impact on business operations and sales, businesses can participate in various marketing activities in accordance with the usual standard.

businesses have questioned why the numerical search in the search results display according to sales data and product details page in the page in the monthly sales volume is not the same? Taobao explained that the search page search according to sales data is how many people confirm receipt, and see the details page in the merchandise sales number, two units different.

According to

billion state power network to understand, many businesses are in favor of this change. But there are businesses worried that this will make the business to promote a single line of brush intensified.

"when the commodity details page no longer displays the transaction record, the merchant will be difficult for the peer’s sales analysis. And businesses can no longer observe the sales record of the abnormal situation to determine whether the competitors have a single brush." One merchant said: "after the introduction, then just launched a new network reporting system has been non-existent."

and a Taobao user pointed out two concerns: first, cancel the transaction records show the details page, consumers and businesses can not see past buyers want to determine whether the level of a single brush, is not conducive to the shopping decision; second, because the details page in transaction records in accordance with the merchandise sales number display, so cancel the transaction records, or some businesses can buy more products through a single way of brush sales, so the user is difficult to perceive.

but some industry insiders believe that Taobao and Tmall do so primarily to protect the privacy of the buyer, but also hope that through this way to combat the "technical school brush", through the brush to ensure the quality of the display location in the search. "It’s a lot of businesses that are looking at competitors’ daily sales records to verify the number of copies they need, but it is not possible to do so now. But if you do not change the display logic Taobao search show, brush will continue to exist."

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