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Google PR value as a webmaster exchange chain, so it will also update some changes driven by subsequent owners, especially the exchange chain. I mentioned a few days ago wrote in "the PR value to update your hold live" this article, Google will update the PR value, if yesterday began to update the PR value, according to the part of the webmaster reaction through several Webmaster Tools query data is different, some are on the rise, and some are not change. According to the author’s experience, the last time in August 3rd, Google updates the PR value, the website also used several Webmaster Tools query data is not unified, but does show is the site of the PR is 3, why some Webmaster Tools data will not be the same, or because they may not be the same as you cache.

, PR decreased the proportion is very high, basically is the rise of the half, why website PR value will reduce? I think: Google will cut on a website rating, certainly because the site uses some improper practices to get ranked Google, which is Google found. What is more the use of Google hijacked get the PR value, then sell Links profit, this kind of unfair practices, if Google is found, is certainly the first time to reduce its rating. So, get any profit to drill through the search engine system, finally will be search engine clean.

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first, determine their own website PR updates. Through multi District Webmaster Tools query their own website PR value, the most.

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estimates the PR value should in recent days there are some small changes, perhaps only a few tenths of a percentage point, but also the stable period after the big update, for the PR value rise of website, this update is certainly beneficial, after three months to update a, and fell in love with the sea to compare the PR update is more difficult, and PR to 3 after it is very difficult to rise, to 6 after basically not updated, like Shanghai, Sina, NetEase and other "big brothers" more data will not be changed, only those of us the website PR value is relatively low, but also is a substantial changes will be new website PR value, but no matter what the PR update is always good.

webmaster tools PR update history, yesterday was November 8th, many website PR value is updated, the overall update rate of 19.5%, rising ratio reached 13.42%, the decline has reached 6%, the new empty reached 0.71%, also reached 0.41%. According to the above data, the PR value is not all updated, in the hundreds of millions of Internet, only part of the selection of the update, but also the rise and fall, and the proportion of the last update in August 3rd, close to 20%.

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