Don’t fall in love with the sea executioner

Shanghai dragon and

said in Shanghai on the Shanghai dragon Love Advice: Shanghai dragon refers to help better quality content in the website is presented to search engine and search engine, Shanghai dragon, is a benign symbiotic relationship. Love Shanghai has stated that Shanghai and Shanghai is the relationship between love dragon benign symbiosis, both are the most intimate friends, not enemies, the search engine is not "executioner", nothing to your website a knife, as to why the website will be "pulling", is nothing more than the owners to use some cheating techniques love Shanghai rankings, certainly do not rule out the love of Shanghai "friendly fire", but most are because of their own websites have suspected cheating, and love of Shanghai "

search engine,

recently to love Shanghai attempt to fight through the super chain cheating site, part by buying black chain to get ranked sites in this new algorithm "flooded", website ranking directly "thousands of miles". The website is still operating normally, now very glad I did not listen to a friend to buy links to quickly get ranked, otherwise this time is going to hang up. No matter how you love Shanghai to change the algorithm the original intention is to purify the Internet, the Internet to the sky, but also more convenient to the needs of users, the author here calls for some owners not because of their website was "pulling", there are some emotions that love Shanghai how bad things, not the search engine "the executioner", it is our most intimate friends, no search engine, we do not have access to the latest information so quickly.


any website for the survival and development of the search engine promotion function cannot do without, not all rivers run into sea search engines like mind, you will know that you’re near what good? You will know where the cheapest tickets? You will know what had happened all over the world? These are all search engines to us convenient, can not say that the existence of the search engine, the development of the Internet is not so fast, since there is a search engine, which greatly facilitated our work, entertainment, life. Even if the search engine has some deficiencies, but it is slowly improving, so it is best not to criticize the emotional search engine is not good.

the last 6.28 events, some grassroots webmaster even organized "anti love with vigour and vitality of Shanghai alliance", because the scope is wide, some do many years old station also directly pulled hair, not to mention the new station (now the new station is more unstable), then some Adsense in anger the mood, click on the joint love Shanghai bidding system, caused great losses to many users in Shanghai for sex at the time, in fact, the webmaster should think so, even if you put this all the bids are not the ultimate beneficiaries or search engine, and this will only make the search engine’s benefit, so I think and have time to do these things for others to click, as well to operate their own website.

is a benign symbiotic relationship

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