Shanghai dragon ER in addition to every site outside the chain construction we should do


, the first morning to check the web site of the basic data and information. As a webmaster I deeply understand our small and medium sized enterprises in small and medium-sized webmaster optimization plays when the father and mother of the role of large site specialized data analyst, and small and medium-sized enterprises stationmaster of a lot of these additional work to us to practice to analyze the process of data analysis the main observation of web based data, through the data. We adjust the details and general optimization strategies, including analysis of Web log analysis and website statistics, general web site to install love Shanghai statistics and cnzz statistics will be very good to help us achieve the basic data for statistical analysis of the website.

fourth, every reasonable plan of website optimization steps and strategies. Optimization is a dynamic process, we must consider every day of the optimization that can bring value to the site, especially at the end of analysis website editor, website optimization plan and other related staff liaison officer implementation, find out their problems, for outstanding personnel encouragement, this is actually a the complete circuit optimization problem, through continuous improvement, is any one of the managers should consider the problem.

third, a reasonable distribution site inline relationship and layout, site optimization is very high weight home page, but most of the time to grab the spider through the long tail word is the article page, the inside pages of the reasonable construction is composed of crawling pathways, mainly here to say with is the chain page. The chain is also important for small, generally through the station anchor text or the breadcrumb navigation path to deploy the search engine spiders crawl, each link should be advocated as a cobweb, each page can smoothly access to search engine spiders, here in the chain mainly lies in the construction of the anchor text the high correlation, pointing to the anchor text corresponding to the page.

second, analysis of Web site keywords for keywords writing quality. This page is the foundation of the long tail word bearing, as a webmaster we must analyze we want to optimize the key words every day to write those articles, search engine traffic source mainly comes from the user for the keyword search, then, to make our page more in line with the user search needs, we must have more capacity to flow the page, so the key words analysis is crucial for a small company website editor is our Shanghai dragon Er should focus on training, because the article is often from the editor’s hand, Shanghai dragon Er planning website keywords, we want to let the editors to help us put these keywords to the specific distribution in the page to carrying the user’s search page.

I found a lot of small and medium enterprises every webmaster in website optimization process, the construction of the chain takes a lot of time, can not be denied is the outreach site to enhance the weight of important details, but in addition to outside chain we have a lot more important to carry out optimization work, then specific, what should we do?

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