Qi more analysis of business ranking decline

a long time not to detect Links, today a startled look, several dozen don’t open and right down, I am dizzy. A man had a week ago from the record storm time has been closed, but had to take away this several links, this Qi recruit more several Links, please refer to the specific standards of Yantai Shanghai dragon Links exchange standard.

4, the chain strategy of

For the storm a few days ago the

was 1, unlimited traffic

3, Links problem

really let the webmaster nervous, because a record number of many stations were forced to close, the record is like fucking children very fucking dystocia. But only to emigrate to the United States or Hongkong, because the speed is really suck, only to speed again moved back to Hongkong. In Hongkong a few days, then it was attacked for up to 12 hours, Hongkong space no protective direct pull line, but changed again friends sponsorship of space, a week about 4 times for space, space is not stable effect on Shanghai dragon is great, expected net profit to the space business. Space traders should thank the Ministry of industry and hackers.

business circle the top three websites were attacked after the attack, far did not stop, a lot of Qi blogs are still experiencing a nightmare, every day was the brush flow, the number of online has been maintained at 40-50, the brush continued tepid, IP ratio was 10 fold increase, and also increased reduction of violence, the attackers try to make traffic too sinister intentions change radically, it, so brush a few days lead to love Shanghai drop right or directly by the possibility of K is too large, until now still no signs of stopping, I am going to die in the whole.

the weekend because of the need to attend a friend’s wedding no time to update the article, so early to update. The ranking in the electric business district Qi found a lot of attention has been to the second page, these days that have been good, know the ranking will drop down, because the ranking is a hard day, and a lot of other keywords Qi blog also ranked down a lot. The following factors may influence analysis:

2, the frequent replacement of space

anyway, I think these aspects are more serious, the hacker attacks and brush flow is really very helpless, this is not business organizers began to call before 20 to provide free server, I think everyone considered poor game on a platform, what only to the top 20 besides, the top 20 is not immutable and frozen. I expected to see this message, not in the top 20 friends of.

brushSince 17,

Qi of friends should concern can be found, more than 20 days of love Shanghai trans does not increase the drop. Although recent didn’t do the chain, but also not a little increase, look carefully at the next most is May before the link, after May little, do not know things or I love Shanghai server links the problem of poor quality, it seems to slightly adjust the chain strategy.

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