Shanghai Longfeng interview skills to teach you how to go to the interview

without punishment, included not to jump out of the high rate,…… everyone’s answer is different, there is one person said Shanghai dragon is the most difficult question because the exit exit China noble baby… Chinese love Shanghai no competition, so you can act recklessly, suppress Shanghai dragon heaven…

I was asked the question, every answer is different, is not the answer I want, I put these to everyone listed, we can refer to one or two.

you feel the most difficult point of Shanghai dragon which

webmaster tools, love stand nets, locomotive acquisition software, key monitoring software, the software is to answer the most frequently, surprisingly I also heard a Jinhua query.

Shanghai Phoenix interview techniques

will argue, the Shanghai dragon to become the all-around competition, solid professional skills can be. In fact, Jinshan Shanghai dragon think good Shanghai dragon is not only a website optimization master, also need to have strong ability of data analysis, must also be a product manager, can grasp the needs of users, can make the whole network marketing hype, the use of cyber source.



are not my type, very little experience can not meet our standards, the work of a single is not conducive to business development, the black hat Shanghai dragon is very powerful, but not what I need, I need the steady, according to the development direction of the company to develop the case marketing strategy, can do user experience, user needs more comprehensive talents, watch user pain points.

, Shanghai dragon team to grow, to several senior personnel in Shanghai Longfeng, on the move, I also asked a lot of friends introduced me, this week and can interview more than 10, but not a special satisfaction. The interviewer can be divided into three categories, the first category is less than those of experience, starting from the link editor and specialist, seen N tutorial, with infinite longing for the Shanghai dragon came to me. Second Shanghai dragon experience is rich, but the work is too single, chatted all Links, original articles, keyword density and so on. Third is that Shanghai dragon sword Zoupian front type, talk to me about the black hat Shanghai dragon means blowing keywords very difficult with the number of days to arrive home, months thousands of traffic and so on.

Answer: all kinds of

you have used what Shanghai Longfeng tool

The three

I think the Shanghai dragon is the most difficult question needs to continuously improve the strategy, love Shanghai has never stopped the search engine algorithm updates, network continues to expand, if an inherent thought to work, can only wait for the elimination, constantly optimize the structure of the website, and constantly improve the user experience, to update the optimization strategy to reduce the rate of jump out, improve the user viscosity, the is the basic literacy must be qualified Shanghai dragon.

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