Sharing examples three months make the product stand on the second page love Shanghai

Links: the new station is generally 7 to 15 days will update the page, as long as it is original, must be updated. I see some Adsense, only included a home with no >

two, website structure and content of the quality of


navigation is a female friend wants something, he will click on the navigation see article, this is a reasonable structure, can let the spider crawling around, look at the internal stand structure, the relevant contents of navigation on the right. A web site with CSS and text structure, and clear the spider crawling text, and users that the site is beautiful, this is the web page structure is reasonable, we see here what are the benefits of this product are introduced in detail, a female friend breast pay attention to what issues so as to improve the user experience, is that we often say the user test, I often see many webmaster, use pictures, pictures can make users look very good, but the real can let the spider crawling, so before some new Adsense in do not stand, you can refer to this station. Look at the contents of that very related website theme, content and reasonable structure, URL is not more than three pages, "developed" very traffic users everywhere channeling, the spider can climb so that in the end, in the layout of the chain is also very important.

From this we see a lot of

open the web site we can see clearly the navigation

, a competitor analysis and long tail keywords

less than three months, ranking second pages. Three months time there is such a good ranking, I first look at the key hot is not hot. Three long tail keywords "the most effective breast products _ what effect breast products good _ breast products which good" index 110270580. From the Shanghai love index of these words is not popular, so love from Shanghai rivals do promotion, three words were 4 auction. In view of this, a popular word these words was the general, basically these people accounted for a very high flow. We also know that the love of Shanghai bidding flow can not be considered in the optimization, the four auction has accounted for fifty per cent in the flow, as can be imagined, the word competition is quite large, we can not just look at whether the index determines whether it hot. This is the analysis of competitors and prepare long tail keywords I do before.

said the long tail keywords website, webmasters often use it to share a station for three months can make love Shanghai second pages here, bring the effective conversion rate, this is the long tail keywords benefits. Long tail keywords bring traffic is not words, but it can bring the effective conversion rate, this is some Adsense need traffic, this is what we want to do e-commerce webmaster to sell products is our purpose, in order to survive.

this is a breast site three months ago, last week ranked increased slowly, this screenshot for everyone to see ranking

three, Links and chain extension of

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