Shanghai Longfeng share some optimization techniques

Shanghai dragon skills: title, keywords, description of the three elements of the description is not too long. Many webmaster friends are too cherish this three position, can not wait to want to do all the words are included, in fact it is not right. You can find a lot of big heart station especially Shanghai dragon industry relatively well-known sites, their title keywords and description tags have written is very simple. An elegant and attractive title and description of both the users and the search engines are more attractive.

Shanghai dragon skill five: in an attempt to deceive the search engine, holding fluky psychology is unacceptable. Now the Internet is everywhere a variety of tools, all kinds of links, soft sell. A lot of people can not withstand the temptation, in fact, these things are not that bad, some of it really within a period of time with.

Shanghai dragon skills has been the topic of Shanghai dragon ER about the topic, every day in the Shanghai dragon forum, webmaster forums can see some webmaster and ER friends in Shanghai Longfeng share about their Shanghai dragon skills. Most of them are of great value, is the Shanghai dragon ER long practice of optimization techniques in the process of Shanghai dragon in summary, here to share to you is in the long-term accumulation of Suzhou City Shanghai Longfeng process skills experience. Is the first time to share oh. Top secret technology

Shanghai dragon skill four: write an article not to collect 100 articles. Can write high quality articles seriously than collecting hundred articles are much better. What are the clouds pseudo original. Shanghai can see the love. Collection of articles are often difficult to get good rankings, and there is a risk, not ah. Write high quality articles carefully. You can control the quality of. Why not?! search engine not because of how much of your article and decide your rank, you see the ZAC blog to hundreds of articles, but the search time Shanghai dragon family ranking good. You collected tens of thousands, not only did not have to worry about ranking by K.

Shanghai dragon skill two: keyword distribution should be reserved, don’t let your web page at a glance is everywhere. Many webmaster friends want to increase keyword density and emphasis, so will deliberate on the site in various key parts on to do some bold words, back. This makes it look optimization traces of heavy, poor user experience. Keyword density is indeed very important, but not at the expense of the user experience for the price. And the keyword density too much to the search engine is not friendly, but can lead to negative results.

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Shanghai dragon skill three: the number of the construction of the chain not greedy. Although the ranking of words is closely related with the construction of the chain, but it is not directly linked to the number of the chain and the related domain, especially not out of love and Haicha is equal to the number of no.. The chain should pay more attention to quality, a good quality chain worth thousands of garbage outside chain. So a little thought to dig the chain instead of mechanical to thread.

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