How to write articles should be more likely to be favored

to stimulate the user’s implicit demand can mainly through the symbolic text to achieve the purpose of marketing. For users, after reading the article page, that users are seeking to solve their own problems, this is the most obvious time for the user’s explicit demand, if the user has the desire to purchase, often have a consultation, and the transformation of the probability is relatively high, and if the user does not desire to buy, so this time we have to the articles or pictures to stimulate the user’s implicit demand. For example, when the user feel "thirsty".


Shanghai dragon had already entered the times, with the love of Shanghai and constantly improve the algorithm, in 2017, Shanghai dragon will also face greater challenges, only from 2016, love Shanghai update algorithm has as many as six, the average will be updated every two months, the algorithm, the high frequency update, let novice website too much to handle. Although each update is not for all PC sites or mobile terminal site, but the impact is positive, especially the blue sky algorithm at the end of 2016, is a lot of website data appears large fluctuations, until early 2017 began to recover. How high frequency update, so we need to pay more attention to the content of the website layout.


1, the title should first to address the needs of users, then optimize Title close to the long tail word. We have to wear custom occupation as an example, the small write a "one button and two button suit difference", then this article is love Shanghai included, because many users have similar needs, this article quickly participate in the rankings, see from the statistics we can love Shanghai station, users have a demand for "one button suit is the dress" this problem, but our title just can solve this problem, so almost every period of time will have a user access to the site through the article page similar keywords, but also produce consulting. Is such a seemingly simple title of the long tail, can bring to the site of dozens of real traffic hits, even consulting and transformation, Why not?

, we should how to update the article will be more likely to be in love with Hai Qing Lai? Shanghai dragon world, website update the article should pay attention to the following aspects:

3, the content of ?

2, VI era, let the content is more rich and colorful. The coming of the VI era, let the article page is not a simple text or graphic combination is so simple, so this traditional marketing page, but through a variety of layout and elements to make the page look more beautiful and harmonious, more in line with the user experience, which can refer to love Shanghai Encyclopedia: VI. Having articles including but not limited to the size of the text, pictures, shapes, color collocation, design and consulting the probe elements such as pattern set looks more harmonious and beautiful.

In the case of

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