Master three skills allow you to contribute all soft home

three, seize the popular information and event

webmaster friends know all about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge after all is said and done is so few, but according to the personal views and opinions, to write the article is very different, this is like when we write a composition, although the theme is the same, but expressed the meaning of all kinds of it. For the soft writing is of course content, creative novelty to be recommended to the home page, although there is an article about the chain, but others hold the search engine algorithm change and write, you are the kind of people compared to write out point of view, the former home to probability is much larger. For this I think it should be "," webmaster friends should set their own topic according to the writing topic of others, such as someone wrote an article about Shanghai Longfeng content if you write, you should change the topic, because if the editor read the previous article about this, and you can write such a topic and if there is no special classic content, believe your odds on the home page is also very small

two, the content of the innovative and creative

soft for website promotion plays an important role, a good soft Wen can make more friends to visit, can also be more websites, from the webmaster friends most familiar with the A5 and the Chinaz Adsense nets can be seen on the front page of the article is reproduced amount is much higher than on the page therefore, can be seen from a soft for the value of the site. The audit by website editor to complete, but was on the inside pages feel a good article, in fact, for the quality evaluation of the editors sometimes have mood and taste. But anyway, as long as an editor that valuable articles, helpful to the users of the article, they will put the article on the home page, let more friends to visit. From the soft writing practice and daily observation summarize three points so that the article on the front page:

popular information and event refers to a recent period of time, by the majority of people concerned about the topic, such as the recent hot star: Jocie Guo, how to put her case with internet information series is the webmaster friends must think about! For the popular information soft release recent June 2>

value, a good title to let people have the desire to see, like the title of this article: "master three skills allow you to contribute all soft on the front page" if it is written "how to create a good soft Wen?" compared with the former reading certainly the number should be more than the latter. Why do you say, first of all from the webmaster friends of psychological analysis, we are very willing to let their articles on the home page; reading again from the user habits analysis, the latter title should be many times appeared in the eyes of the webmaster friends, for this is not what the impulse to look. Good title for the article not only let people have an interest in reading and make it easier to search engines.

to attract the public eyeThe title of the article shows the original !

, the title of the article


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