‘ll tell you the Shanghai dragon isn’t really that difficult

here, I want to tell you I’m a few months:

two, really useful is not appear in the forum, the method appeared in the forum are outdated or not operable, is to let you work hard. You want to, who will put their grasp of the good stuff for free to teach you, who are you? What is the relationship with me? That I also teach you how to mix? So do Shanghai Longfeng do better generally have their own ways in secret, and most people do not know, this is are they hard to summarize, you want to free it is not possible, otherwise there will not be Wang Tong’s tens of thousands of dollars to a period of training, the story is we don’t know the true essence of things. So, if you want to really learn something or you summarize, either with the elite relationship, or spend money to participate in their training at the forum, you are not really.

, a forum to post about it, too seriously, forum posts are generally in order to do outside the chain and hair, really useful posts are few, is the more basic things, for the novice might do some understanding, but for a certain experience in Shanghai dragon Er, basically is useless, even if there is a good experience, teaching posts in the A5 flow is so large the forum will also come to be overwhelmed with junk posts. So, look, know have, don’t take it seriously, where you can find a post experience that is your good luck.

in Shanghai dragon in this industry, the beginning is really confused, but also has been followed by the forum to continue learning, now is a bit into the door. In fact, look at the forum owners have been complaining about the original how difficult, how difficult the chain, we carefully think about it, is this true? Is it true that you have taken all possible means have been tried? Do you have your own ideas? Have summed up their own set of methods?


so, learning ability, executive ability, summary and innovation is a must have done Shanghai dragon ER quality, really no one can casually succeed.

Methods summary

three, back to the old saying, "the master door, in personal practice, no matter what they teach you, more important is their own efforts. Don’t teach you one thousand kinds of methods to stay outside the chain, you can only use the one thousand methods used to die? You will not teach you in others on the basis of summarizing 1001st ways to follow the way of others? You will forever be behind the footsteps of others. The network world is always changing, we thought, as it is to change and progress, immutable and frozen only to die. I can tell you, I registered a new number can be directly in the Shanghai library to love the hair of the chain, some people think it is impossible, you will not. So, don’t take the experience of others when their creed, experience is only a reference to you, the key is to have their own routines will not be beyond the others.

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