The website does not have high weight flow

more than two station, don’t think, Shanghai Longfeng optimization also can be saved, a lot of acquisition, and then how to optimize what is no big effect, only rely on propaganda, and do a big taboo above website needs and we say, that is to do the above two station webmaster 10 million not to love Shanghai’s website, I wrote an article on the use of the product with the advantages and disadvantages of the sea’s reasons are analyzed, similar to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, and love in Shanghai ask silly x answer, huangse sites, gaoqingwuma sites like www.xxxx, which is completely.

entertainment, gossip station


don’t be too obsessed with his own website called weight, do not have much weight high flow, weight is a standard to judge search engines give you website content value, use Adsense query moral weight, Shanghai officials never admit love, not to mention the different query tools to query the love of Shanghai is still out of weight, as I just wrote why love Shanghai statistics and cnzz data is not the same as a paper written, only standard weight is not representative of the flow.

first, yellow movie station

high weight website does not mean that it will have how much traffic, can only say that the weights of the high site traffic from search engines in the past compared to the low weight site will be more, only this, the weight of the high site keywords ranking relatively before have a great relationship, back flow and the user. Users feel that your content is good, save a bookmark, which is the key to bring traffic.


to do a yellow movie station, you also need to worry about the traffic? You have to do is continue to update your website, let the latest, fill your website the most awesome movie video, let a lot of home display of the movie screen, all Madden such station, all kinds of beautiful, as long as a page do good, get a meaningful title, even if not to promote, slowly pass ten, ten hundred, I want to flow in a few months is quite amazing. But a good webmaster do not harm young people, you know.

tell you what two station to worry about traffic

to do a entertainment gossip, but do not need to worry about traffic, but Choude is the number of updates, a person I think is not the ability to maintain over time, for four, five people together, each other to maintain every day to ensure that there are people in, but also to ensure that all go the contents of each individual part of the update every day, this is also a key point, this station, as long as the constantly updated entertainment gossip, the audience love about star, love about gossip, is the need for you to collect, of course that you write original, you are not written, but this kind of the station, you need to continue the promotion, this is a difficult thing to do early.

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