Some of the key exchange Links must pay attention to the

exchange Links is Shanghai dragon in the optimization process is a common important part, so it is necessary to understand in detail about how to distinguish the quality of Links. Effectively improve the quality of the chain, so that we can optimize reach an efficient state. The new trend of NET for everyone from several aspects specifically about some key points need to pay attention to Links when switching.

second, the other is timely snapshot. Put it on the second point, because this determines the active degree of the spider crawling. If the snapshot is updated every day, so that the other side of the web spider crawling is very active, so with such site exchange links, our website will also benefit from each other; if the snapshot site for more than 10 days is not updated, the us with such sites to exchange links, don’t expect how many spiders through his web crawling. So when the snapshot time should pay attention to exchange links to other websites. The next snapshot is best, if more than 7 days not updated snapshot, then we will consider whether to cooperate with each other.

fourth and other PR sites, Br value. In fact, the website PR position is often worth Shanghai Longfeng Er put too far forward, so NET new trend put it in fourth place. The role of PR is worth is beyond doubt, if you can, and PR7 PR8’s website for a Links, on your website to help is absolutely obvious, but these links generally need to buy, for a high PR website link is now very difficult. >

The number of

, third other sites included. This point is also very important, why is it important? Because the other site is likely to be punished site. Once a friend did not pay attention to each other’s included 1 left, and the other blind exchange links, the last less than 10 days, their website is also punished, snapshot back a month, included also dropped to 1, so a little more carefully but also on their own website. Exchange link objects included best not included in the total 0, more than 50 of the basic can be assured to exchange link.

, the first person Links. Why should this point in the first place? Because this is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er link exchange is a bit easier to ignore, but also very important. There are many Er exchange links Shanghai dragon side, see each other PR value 4-5 is so high, not even thinking of go to exchange links, but also pleased with oneself. In fact, suffer their own, this is why? Because the other site is PR5, but outbound links are as high as more than 100, according to the most simple "cake principle", this website delivered to his weight is very little, if the friend website chain is less than 10, it is still not as good as his output weight the high. So once again remind everyone to exchange Links must pay attention to the other side of the outbound links number, try to control in 30 the following. To avoid self deception, finally the injured or himself.

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