Shanghai Longfeng work to update and update the ER Shanghai dragon is a fool

station update is part of the daily work of every Shanghai dragon Er, so most of the work of Shanghai Longfeng dull as ditch water, Er has made a serious mistake: in order to update and update. Doing this long-term station update, both tired and without any income, because could not attract users, even if you are the high quality of the original, can get good rankings and flow.

this site almost every day in the update of health knowledge, although each one is has a certain depth of the pseudo original, but such an approach to the role of the ranking is almost very little. After all the users come to this website is to register, the content of the website should focus on the registration and update, let users know more about how the site is registered, and not to see these unnecessary health knowledge. The content of the website is like a piece of clothing, content updates if inconsistent with the type of site, like an old man dressed young people wearing skirts, T T-shirt, will only make people Speechless and jokes. Shanghai dragon Er first conducted a comprehensive analysis on the website, the website may analysis user groups are, and then simulate the user behavior, according to the investigation and analysis of the same type of websites, to update the content in the station, just as babyliu said registration station, the station should be registered. Instead of writing some unnecessary health knowledge.

Enterprise Station of Shanghai Longfeng Er will ignore this point, they tend to think, just update the station to write articles, you let me write the article that I have counterparts, write this article about the product. This idea is one-sided, a website is not only the attractive pictures will let users on your site produce interest, especially enterprise station, product pictures is to show the product, with a corporate babyliu access station for example, this station updates do very well, the content is not much, but the picture is adequate, as follows:

No.2: the only way to write the article is not site update, update product information and pictures as important as

Babyliu, a hospital with a period of time before the registration website as an example, this is a typical web site updates have the order reversed, first shots will give you a look at:


enterprise station administrator every day will update the product picture information, attract a lot of users browsing, the conversion rate is also very high, therefore, the picture of the update is as important as Shanghai, Phoenix station should pay attention to update the details, not only will update the >

No.1: to update the content counterparts, do not have the order reversed


so in order not to become a just to update and update the Shanghai dragon fool, how should the station update this piece of work?


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