Shanghai love again crackdown Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon ER ready

we all know, the vast majority of people when browsing the web, are from left to right, from top to bottom view. Before the love of Shanghai is located on the right side of the search results page advertising, of course most people do not care, from the normal search results, or the natural search results is far away, the user’s line of sight is generally not noticed there, but love Shanghai now will be on the right side of a direct promotion to almost the middle position is say, when the former only left over extension position will divert part of the natural flow, now, originally and then diverted most of the flow in the right side of the promotion will be



believe that through the above explanation, most people will understand the love of Shanghai the purpose of the adjustment, was now Shanghai dragon industry is not too bad, love Shanghai is doing is tantamount to one disaster after another, all the other Shanghai dragon ER


now, the beginning of a period of time, to adjust the way users are not accustomed to the page to see, will naturally look to now in the middle of the screen advertising promotion, will naturally have to click on the ads, the other was fair search results into the wealthy who who can be discharged to a prominent position. And who will be able to get the user’s click, and there is a do not know if you have noticed, computer display nowadays more and more users of large, 21 inch widescreen display my display was on the right side of the advertising now directly displayed in the middle position, the right side of a large part of the blank


this morning to open Baidu just search a word, suddenly found a sense of how the interface so awkward, thought it was their own fonts, or browser settings, after careful observation, it was found to be Baidu has a new action, love will be on the right side of the original sea link by in order to adjust the right aligned left aligned, originally on the right side of the link now appear directly in the middle position! Do not look at the beginning of the adjustment, but the wise people immediately understand, how big the impact on Shanghai dragon, the Shanghai dragon, and no less than a heavy snow in the winter!

I guess love is bold, Shanghai wants to show that 20 search results on the first page? Break the traditional search engine rules? To make such a move, do not know the love of Shanghai called user experience where? Of course, the hardest hit is the natural Shanghai dragon ER, love Shanghai as a company needs to make money we can understand, but this is adjusted too much, as far as I know, before CCTV exposure "love Shanghai to sell counterfeit" phenomenon now did not get a little relief, search for weight loss, acne and other popular keywords, is still a lot of ads everywhere, we can try to search "acne", this words, show me the 21 inch computer screen on the left side of Shanghai love the top 8 links, right (which is now the middle position) Show >

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