The five main development direction of Shanghai Longfeng 2014 website

5, visual 2, 1, the value of

. As the world of martial arts, but not fast breaking martial arts concept, the website wants to get a good user experience and search rankings, "fast" is the key to success. To the search engine and users to smooth and convenient search and browsing experience, this is very important. So we can better optimize in the web server, design layout, to eliminate all influence the website open and browse speed of irrational factors.

. Mobile Internet, represent the general trend is irreversible, the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon also need to conform to this trend, accelerate the construction of mobile website and concise design and well testing, construction of mobile network enterprises themselves, for the mobile platform selection and separation of domain name and so on, so that the site is more suitable for mobile search and browsing etc..

in 2014, for the electricity supplier industry in terms of volatility, is destined to Shengsizhijiao a year, the electricity supplier giant mergers and acquisitions, continuous transformation and so on, many of the small and mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore has never stopped, site is the new era of electricity providers of the torrent coerced or accelerated development, success, or accelerated destruction. How to grasp the development direction of the site, how to do online website marketing, and how this in this critical year to the website of Shanghai dragon, has also become a focus of the current owners concerned. According to le Internet observation, 2014 Shanghai dragon website currently has the following five main directions:

. The traditional monotonous, piling plane of the cold page website users consume too much energy and time, fashion and times

4, the speed of

classification. As the saying goes, "content is king, the chain for the emperor". We do a good job in the station link at the same time, more to make the chain and chain construction and management, especially on the reverse link is the most important influencing factors of the website in search engine ranking. But as the site of Shanghai Longfeng work has accumulated, perplexing website links to let a person see the big head. So, using the related network tools to get the distribution of all links, and this classification and visual management, make high quality and low quality link building link from the overall situation of elimination, it is necessary to.

. Traditionally, the silence of the stack, miscellaneous website mode is obviously not suitable for now fragmented life, homogenization of content and low stereotyped demonstration more frustrating. So let the website content concise especially value as far as possible, has become a new requirement to improve the user experience of new era. The content of the website there are three main points: first, the construction of the keyword search based, all potential users may search keywords, and so on are listed. Two, combined with their own characteristics and contents updates. Three, make personalized display content. In addition, enterprises can establish an independent blog or web platform for content display, the authenticity, value, interest and personality fully prove to your visitors and search engines. At the same time, please remember to give web content to share opportunities and space.

3, mobile

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