Pyramid of Shanghai Longfeng matrix and operating principle

as above, the middle part is a small matrix.

finally do some tutorial summary: Shanghai dragon need >

first, we Pyramid each layer segmentation, cut into small squares, and divided into many small squares, to see how much you long tail words, such as:

Shanghai recently got dragon circles — Shanghai Pyramid Longfeng miraculous matrix ranking technology, network bid 18000 yuan, today, to explain what is less clever is Shanghai dragon Pyramid matrix ranking technology, its operating principle is what.

webmaster robot scripting, we based on the N related long tail word "search" and "click" to "search" to "click", from 15 until 1, continuous cycle, infinite superposition weight.

new technology, Pyramid ranking matrix technique and operation principle.

Pyramid: do not know if people do not know what is Pyramid? I am on the map, but it is quite straightforward:

A new technology Then we use


. Hehe, piracy in ancient egypt.

?What is the

then, we Pyramid inside the small lattice number:

these numbers, 1 representatives of the main keywords, the remaining 2 to 15 are related long tail keywords.

speak before, we must first understand the two concepts, what is Pyramid? What is the matrix

This is the Pyramid


then, what is the matrix? Here I am lazy, directly from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love inside copy a text description: matrix refers to the two-dimensional data table are arranged. No specialized matrix of friends may not understand, well, I still don’t get lazy, continue to speak with the map:


big one is coming…

The above is the Shanghai dragon

finally, how are we going to Pyramid and matrix together, the key word ranking top


first, we first give it a definition, facilitate our understanding: Pyramid matrix ranking technology is that a large number of related pages to form cross links, these cross links of a closed-loop matrix formed between them, from the bottom to the top step recursive, eventually converging to a large Pyramid, in order to achieve the main keyword weight is piled high the purpose of.

then, we start with the concrete, to speak.



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