Six common mistakes in the process of website optimization

, not Er Shanghai Longfeng day before prompted by a sudden impulse to do the work. Website >

six, often do

website optimization is a "Neiwaijianxiu" work, if the layout is the site of the shell, then the server is the car engine. When the server is slow, the user experience will fall. If your server is unfortunately "off" words, your site will naturally not get good rankings. The Shanghai dragon Er, need to open the web page on speed, the problems encountered in a timely manner and server provider communication solutions.

three, adhere to the analysis of website optimization data:

compared to other industries, Shanghai dragon’s entry threshold is not too high. However, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice, even made to optimize the website for a period of time people have said they often make some common mistakes. Although errors are some problems but I still a commonplace talk of an old scholar, decided to summarize, hoping to provide some benefit counterparts.

, a Shanghai dragon just after the line on the website to do

for Shanghai dragon Er, is the analysis of website optimization data every day the first thing to do. Not only that, from work every day to the above statistical data. At present, law of love Shanghai update is not too strong, may the ups and downs of the rankings in a day.

five, pay attention to the site within the chain construction:

two, pay attention to the problem of

four, website update frequency stability

analysis of user needsThe analysis for the website user needs

work in website optimization, the quantity and quality of web content is much higher than the content. Shanghai dragon er must update the content when Ningquewulan uphold the principles, and maintain a stable frequency. For example, every day is fixed on the 8:00 – 9:00 update a original article, so long it will form a significant rule, and attract the love of spiders in Shanghai at the time point to web crawling. If things go on like this, the number of Web sites included will be steady growth.

for this problem, I think many people have the hearts of the answer. On the site before the establishment of Shanghai dragon Er will need to specify the direction of optimization. According to this strategy, we do not do too much change to the website, including keywords and description. If any changes to the site title, for example, today called Suzhou recruitment network, tomorrow called factory recruitment, background to the labor dispatch, the name that I’m really sorry Shanghai dragon er.


have many love Shanghai algorithm update, the chain construction level of the site has become a major factor affecting the ranking. When doing the optimization of the distribution of Er, Shanghai dragon should not only pay attention to the content of the channel, but also need to build the relevant information. After all the website said, in order to obtain the chain of good, you must ensure that your station has good writing.

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